How to Utilize Your Website for Eyecare Practice Marketing

Posted by Megan Ludzenski on Thu, May 28, 2015 @ 10:05 AM

When it comes to marketing online, it seems that there is a lot of focus on mastering social media. But before you even go there, you should think about your practice’s website. Many potential patients will visit your website before deciding to contact your office, so it is important that your website is representing you the way you’d like to be seen. Our friends at Cunninghmam Vision Centerlocated in Southeast Michigan, have written today’s guest blog discussing the importance of a strong practice website. Could your site use some work? 

Eyecare Practice Marketing: Is it Time for a Website Redesign?eyecare practice marketing

As an optometrist operating your own practice, it can be tough to keep up on day-to-day activities, let alone be proactive about your online presence. Making sure your website is up-to-date may not be at the top of your to-do list, but it should be. According to ReachLocal85% of consumers search for local businesses online. To be sure that your website will capture the attention of these potential patients, take a look at your current website to see if it’s in need of a re-fresh.

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Mobile Device and EHR Software Security: Is Your Practice Prepared?

Posted by Robert Fallon on Tue, May 26, 2015 @ 10:05 AM

EHR software is making the mobility and efficiency of eyecare practices skyrocket by connecting mobile devices with software solutions. As mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, become more powerful, they also become more useful to your practice. 

With the rise of technology use in healthcare, security concerns and risks associated with using mobile device and EHR softwaremobile devices have been voiced by patients and professionals, with the chance of sensitive information getting into the wrong hands. has a ton of great resources to help you learn more about the things that you need to do to ensure security on your devices.

Security of patient sensitive information should be your, and your software vendor's, top priority when using EHR software. While technology and IT security might not be your strong suit, there are simple steps you can take right now to help further ensure the safety and security of the mobile devices in your office, and the sensitive data they hold. We have gathered a few simple steps and tips you can take to fortify your security process. While some of these suggestions may seem like common sense, they are still necessary steps towards making your EHR software secure for you and your patients.

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Vision Monday's Salute to Influential Women in the Eyecare Industry

Posted by Megan Ludzenski on Thu, May 21, 2015 @ 10:05 AM

The presence of women continues to grow in the eyecare indsutry, and that is why Vision Monday highlights the difference that presence makes each year. Their July 20th issue will mark the 13th anniversary of their Most Influential Women in Optical award. 

influential women in eyecare

Here at VisionWeb we have been fortunate enough to have three members of our team honored in the past: Heather Smith (2012), Juanita Burke (2011), and Julia Crawford (2010). That is why we want to express how special this award is at recognizing women who are working to lead the eyecare industry.

Nominate Your Picks for Influential Women in the Eyecare Industry

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Optical Resources to Help You Find Your Next Employee

Posted by Megan Ludzenski on Wed, May 20, 2015 @ 14:05 PM

Finding new staff members can prove to be quite the challenge for many eyecare practices. With high turnover rates and unqualified candidates it can be a chore to find a valuable employee who is willing to stick around. There are so many resources out there and it can be difficult to know which ones are best to use when looking for the perfect new member for your team. Our friends at The Optical Vision Site recently posted an article that presents some of the options available to your practice while discussing some of the pros and cons of using these resources for job posting.

optical resourcesOptical Resources to Help Find Valuable Eyecare Staff

Finding ophthalmic staff seems to be even more of a challenge today than ever. Your staff is one of your top assets, and the search for the perfect person can seem unending as well as a hassle. In reality, you should always be recruiting potential staff members, whether you need them or not. Keeping a database of names of potential staff members will hold you in good stead and could help you avoid the hassles that come with job posting.

For many people, the first place they go to are the traditional online resources. While these are easy and economical, you may not get the results you want. These include websites such as:

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Electronic Claim Filing: 7 Facts about ICD-10

Posted by Shane Shepherd on Tue, May 19, 2015 @ 10:05 AM

The October 1st implementation date for ICD-10 is approaching faster than you think, and it will undoubtedly bring with it some changes for your practice and your electronic claim filing processes. While many people fear change, we want to urge you to be open to the changes ICD-10 will bring to your practice. The new code set is designed to increase specificity in medical coding which will help with your practice’s efficiency. And, in all honesty, if you take the time to educate yourself on the changes you'll realize they aren't as intimidating as you may think.

Today we want to walk you through seven ICD-10 facts, some of them coming straight from the CMS, and two actions your practice can take to get ready, that will hopefully put you at ease about the new code set, and maybe even get you excited for the change!

7 ICD-10 Facts that Could Affect Your Eyecare Practice Efficiency

1. The ICD-10 transition date is October 1, 2015.electronic claim filing

The implementation date for ICD-10 is October 1st, and no matter how much you will it to, the date is not going to be pushed back. The government, payers, and providers have all invested a large amount of money in the preparation for ICD-10, and pushing the date back would cause a rise in healthcare costs, so get ready! 

2. You don't have to use all 68,000 codes.

Does your practice use every single code in ICD-9? No, and you won’t have to use every single code in ICD-10 either. Your practice will be focusing on a subset of the codes that is specific to eyecare, so don’t let that large new number scare you!

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