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Uprise at Vision Expo West | Optical Software


The VisionWeb team got a chance to take Vegas by storm last week at Vision Expo West. With the launch of Uprise behind us at AOA's Optometry Meeting in June we were able to really sit down visitors and discuss the ins and outs of our cloud-based optical software, Uprise.

And we know that show attendees are there to shop around and learn more about the products and services they are interested in. So before the show we created a few documents to help our visitors evaluate the needs of their practice to help them determine which optical software solution might be right for them. And if you're still on the fence after the show be sure to check out our eBook, Selecting a Practice Management and EHR Software: The Ultimate Guide for Optometry.

Optical Software at Vision Expo West

Optical Software

The VisionWeb team all set up in the booth and ready for visitors on day 1 of the show!

Optical Practice Management Software

Floor graphics around the hall making it easy for you to find your way to the VisionWeb booth.

optical practice management for optometrists

Keeping busy at the show!

VisionWeb Cloud Candy

"Cloud" candy production is always an adventure, but it's a delicious one!

Optometry Software

Didn't get a chance to see us at Vision Expo? Make sure you take some time to get to know more about Uprise!

New Call\u002Dto\u002DAction

#Hashtag Do’s and Don’ts for Vision Expo West


We’re only 2 days away from Vision Expo West! Whether you’re a doctor planning for CE or a student going to the show for the first time, there are many ways to participate in the tradeshow on top of just being there physically. We’re talking about getting involved with social media, particularly using hashtags. Today, we sum up a few ways you should and shouldn’t be using hashtags as part of your social media presence at Vision Expo West.

Using the hashtag symbol (#) before a keyword or phrase, categorizes your content and makes it more searchable. It used to be unique to Twitter, but has since spread on to become a feature on Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest. Clicking on a hashtagged word shows you all other posts marked with that keyword. Hashtagged words that become popular often become trending topics and using that hashtag is how you become part of a conversation.

Don’t: Use Irrelevant Hashtags

Vision Expo West

Using irrelevant hashtags is perhaps one of the most annoying offenses you could commit in social media. #WhyPeopleWhy?! If you want to become part of a conversation, or want to have your content discovered, every word you hashtag should count. For example,“Why people why?!” is not a trending topic; it’s just a bunch generic words that’s does not get searched and does nothing to get your content out there. Unless you are doing it for the humor of mocking the use of irrelevant hashtags, like Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake did in their latest viral video, think before hitting the # sign!

If you are tweeting about Vision Expo West, good accompanying hashtags would include #Vegas, #VEW or latest products in the market, like #Uprise. And don’t forget to tweet at celebrities if you spot one!

Do: Find trending topics

This week is obviously a great week to use #VisionExpoWest, #VisionExpo or #VEW (if your character count is limited by  Twitter.) Do a quick Twitter search for #VisionExpo to search for the latest news and people attending the show. You will find influencers, clients, and speakers at the show and you should start following them on social media. You may even find promotions at the show that you wouldn’t have otherwise found out about. A lot of companies are using social media as part of their marketing strategy and some deals are exclusive to their social media platforms.

#FF (Follow Friday) is a great way to gain followers on Twitter. If you find someone exciting this week at Vision Expo and would like to share them with your followers, tag them in your #FF post. And if they aren’t already following you, they will probably appreciate your shout-out and follow you back.

Don’t: Use Long Hashtags

If using hashtags is part of your social media strategy, then it’s all about getting discovered through your hashtags (See point 1). What are the chances of someone searching for “#Top5FoodsToEatForHealthyVision”? No one can read that!

VisionExpoWest VisionWeb

If you are writing a blog post about a list of recommended foods that can help improve or maintain good vision, try “Check out these Top 5 foods You Should be Eating for #HealthyVision.”  If you do a Twitter search, you’ll see that #HealthyVision has been used a number of times in the past week. To get involved in the conversation, retweet the blog post with the same hashtag and ask the writers to check out your post in your next tweet.

We will be at Vision Expo West at Booth #MS9035, promoting Uprise, a cloud-based practice management system by VisionWeb. We hope to see you there, but in the meantime, follow us on Twitter and see why you should #StartYourUprise!

New Call\u002Dto\u002DAction

Going to Vision Expo West: Expectations vs. Reality


Can you believe that Vision Expo West is coming up in just two weeks? We've been really busy making plans and we can't wait to meet everyone at the show! VisionWeb has been in the eyecare industry for more than a decade, and a big part of our marketing efforts go into tradeshows. So it's safe to say that we've had our fair share of experience with them! We know that sometimes, things don't go as expected, especially at a big trip like Vision Expo West. So we've come up with a list of expectations and realities we expect to face at tradeshows. Do any of these sound familiar to you? 

Expectation: Leaving early so you can breeze through airport security.

Vision Expo West

Vision Expo West is an international conference and it's held in Vegas every year. Most of you will probably be flying in from a different state or maybe even country. If you are a frequent flyer, you should know that it’s always a good idea to get to the airport early and get through airport security as fast as you can. 

Reality: Getting stuck at airport security because you’re behind someone who hasn’t flown before.

Vision Expo West practice management

Yes, you are required to remove your shoes! Doesn't it always seem like you're stuck behind someone who isn’t as experienced as you are? On the other hand, there's no need to push or get unneccessarily flustered. 

Expectation: Getting work done and enjoying the flight.

Vision Expo West flight

Time on the plane can be productive. Try catching up on work and preparing for the show, or just take some time to relax and maybe watch and in-flight movie. 

Reality: Barely cramping into a seat next to a chatty passenger.

Vision Expo West EHR

Vision Expo West EHRs

There’s barely any legroom, you are uncomfortable, and your neighbor just won’t stop talking about her cats!  

Expectation: Strutting across the tradeshow floor in your professional attire.

Vision Expo West attire

You get to the tradeshow and you're ready for business! Vision Expo West is a great place to not only check out the latest in the eye care industry, but also network with your peers and customers. So dress to impress!

Reality: Feeling like your feet are on fire from all the walking and standing at the show.

Vision Expo West visionweb

The long hours at Vision Expo can be unbearable! Be prepared for tradeshow feet; don’t forget to pack comfortable shoes.

Sometimes, reality just doesn’t meet your expectations, but it’s not always a bad thing!

Expectation: Getting harassed by pushy salespeople to check out their product.

Vision Expo West Uprise VisionWeb EHR

You just want to casually check out a product and maybe watch a demo; not coerced into buying it! Some salespeople just don’t understand that aggression is not the way!  

Reality: Enjoying all your free swag!

Vision Expo West practice management system

Expect tons of giveaways at the show! Even if you are not interested in a product at first, don’t be afraid to walk up and see what the brand has to offer. And if you are still not sold, you could at least walk away with some giveaways. 

Expectation: Being bored because it’s just another business trip.

Vision Expo West visionweb

You’re an industry veteran and you’ve probably seen it all. The long hours are just not something you look forward to. 

Reality: Learning a whole lot about industry trends and the latest products.

Vision Expo West continuing education

We guarantee that you will learn something new at Vision Expo if you make full use of the opportunities at the show. Also, if you are an OD, make sure you participate in continuing education to keep yourself updated on best practices for the care and treatment of your patients. (Prepare to be mind blown!)

Expectation: Being extremely productive on your business trip.

Vision Expo West expectation

Vision Expo is strictly business. Your boss doesn’t expect you to have fun at work! Don't forget that report due on Monday about what you’ve learned at the show. 

Reality: Having the time of your life!

Vision Expo West reality

While there should be plenty of learning and high levels of productivity, who are you kidding?! You're in Vegas! Have a blast - we won't tell! 

If you’re planning to be at Vision Expo West, stop by the VisionWeb booth (#MS9035) and check out Uprise, a cloud based practice management and EHR solution. Watch one-on-one demos or attend hourly info sessions, and be sure to pick up a few of our giveaways.

Not going to Vision Expo West? Don’t worry, you can still check out Uprise and request a demo online!

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Vision Expo West 2012: A Look Back


Viva Las Vegas...

Two weeks ago we were packing up our bags and hopping on a flight to Vegas for one of our favorite shows of the year, Vision Expo West. Attending industry tradeshows like Vision Expo and Optometry's Meeting always gets us excited to spend some quality face time with our customers and other industry affiliates.

online product ordering

One of our favorite in-booth activities with attendees has been our online ordering races. We challenge visitors to use to try and place the fastest online ophthalmic product order. The fastest times of each day are awarded a $50 Amazon gift card, while others received a $5 Starbucks gift card just for participating! Our fastest participant was able to enter her online product order in 40 seconds!

We also held several free info sessions in our booth providing information on how the Affordable Care Act will affect your ECP's bottom line. Turn out for the info sessions was great, and hopefully attendees were able to learn a thing or two about improving their bottom line and the benefits of VisionWeb's claims processing services!

claims processing services

The Optical Women's Association held their annual networking and raffle event on Friday, September 7th, on the third floor of the Venetian/Palazzo Congress Center. This event was a great opportunity to network with peers throughout the optical industry, and if you were lucky enough you walked away with one of the many great raffle items donated by several companies across the industry.

And, as always, Vegas provided plenty of great food and entertainment for what little free time we had outside of the show. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth (hopefully you snagged some VisionWeb swag like our tote bags, pd sticks, and buttons) and helped make the show a success; we hope you had as much fun as we did! And before we know it March will be right around the corner and Vision Expo East will be upon us!

Vision Expo West


New Call\u002Dto\u002DAction

Vision Expo West: 7 Things to Expect


Vision Expo West LasVegas

While it sure feels like we were just at Vision Expo East, we are already checking off our to-do list and packing to head off to Vision Expo West in Vegas next week! We always enjoy networking with industry affiliates and interacting with our customers in person at these shows. As you prepare for Vision Expo West, we compiled a list of fun activities for you to check out. Also, find out how VisionWeb will be involved in this year’s show!

7 Things to Expect at Vision Expo West 

1. OWA Eating Healthier on the Road, On the Job, On the Go Workshop

Rebecca Johnson, president of EyeTrain4You took on the challenge of eating healthy on the go and blogged about her journey, successes, and even failures. At the workshop, she will share her experiences and offer tips and advice to women like her. 

When: Wednesday, September 5, 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM

Where: Venetian/Palazzo Congress Center, Level 3, San Palo Room 3501

2. OWA Networking Reception and Raffle

Everyone is welcome to this free event as you network with peers of the industry and win great prizes at the same time.

When: Friday, September 7, 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM

Where: Venetian/Palazzo Congress Center, Level 3, San Palo Room 3502

3. Continuing Education Program 

This year, the Continuing Education Program will be divided into four areas of interest: Business Solutions, Medical/Clinical, Optical Technology, and Contact Lenses. These new categories will make it easier for you to create an education strategy and sort courses to focus on a particular area or create a balanced mix. 

4. Speakers

With more than 100 speakers representing the most respected and renowned faculties, you are sure to expand your field of vision and be updated on the best practices and care for your patients. Learn more about the speakers and read their biographies here.

VisionWeb at VisionExpo

5. VisionWeb's Free Info Sessions: How Will the Affordable Care Act Affect your Bottom Line?

Under HIPAA and Affordable Care Act regulations, eye care providers will be required to achieve compliance with several mandates between now and 2016. Join us as we discuss EFT and ERA Management Operating Rules and keep you informed about mandates and offer solutions for submitting claims and receiving EOBs electronically. Each session will last 30 minutes and all attendees who RSVP will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card.

6. Ordering Races

A favorite every year at Vision Expo East and Optometry's Meeting, the race gets you to beat the fastest time for placing an online opthalmic product order through VisionWeb. There are prizes just for participating and also a $50 Amazon gift card for the fastest time of the day!

7. I Love VW Giveaway

VisionWeb Be seen wearing our “I Love VW” badges and receive a gift card from us. It’s our   way of saying we love you too!


There is an exciting lineup at Vision Expo West this year and we can't wait to meet you there! You can find the VisionWeb booth at MS7053 to learn more about our online product ordering and insurance claims processing services


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Recap: Vision Expo West 2011


Vision Expo West

We always enjoy attending Vision Expo West in Las Vegas and this year wasn’t any different! Being in Vegas gives us the opportunity to interact with our users and see our industry on a much more personal level, which we love!

While we were in Vegas, some of the folks from VisionWeb got into the Social Butterfly state of mind by attending the Optical Women’s Association annual networking event and raffle. This event is a great way to network with peers throughout the industry and win some great prizes at the same time. The event was held at Valentino in the Venetian this year. Watch our video recap of the event below:

We hope that everyone was able to find the right mindset they needed to get what they wanted to accomplish on the show floor done. As anticipated, we ran into a lot of people who fell into the different mindsets of a tradeshow attendee we showcased before the show this year. For example, while on the show floor, we spotted a Pillager! The bag was so full of Expo swag that she had to drag it on the floor behind her. Now that is a lot of swag!

Vision Expo West

Pillagers weren’t the only mindset we ran into while in Vegas though. We also talked to a lot of detectives and explorers who were not only interested in learning more about VisionWeb’s industry-leading product ordering and insurance services, but also wanted to see what our free presentations were all about. We always try and give show attendees more by hosting free presentations in the VisionWeb booth and this year was no exception. Our presentation this year covered 5 Questions Every Practice Should Ask Themselves. If you weren’t able to attend the show, or did but missed the presentation, we definitely recommend reading our 5 Questions Every Practice Should Ask Themselves post that recaps the presentation. There you will find great information and resources on everything from practice management integration to social media advice.

Thanks to everyone who made this year’s Vision Expo West such a success! We can’t wait to be back again next year!


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Frame Buyers Certificate CE Courses for Frame Ordering


Frame Buyers Certificate CE Course for Frame Ordering

Frame buying and CE are two major reasons that eye care providers attend Vision Expo, so it makes sense that there would be a set of CE courses for frame buyers at the show too, right? We'll, there is! The good people at The Vision Council and Eyecare Business have partnered to offer a Frame Buyers Certificate Program at Vision Expo (both east and west) that is made up of CE courses that focus on various aspects of frame buying. It's got some really cool content! Here are some course descriptions that stood out to us:

How to Create & Implement A Successful Frame Buying Strategy: For Beginners
Learn practical strategies to successfully manage the frame inventory of an optical establishment. Topics covered will include: managing your inventory for profit, understanding your customer, categories of branded eyewear, establishing inventory levels and percentages, working with vendors, controlling impulse purchasing, establishing a budget, selecting and utilizing a computerized inventory system, understanding the value difference in frames, how frames are fabricated and more. This course will be a lecture format that will feature group activities to assist you in the learning process.

Want vs. Need: Creating Eyewear Desire
Is eyewear a fashion purchase or a medical device? If you position it as a medical device, your patients will only feel compelled to see you when they have a change in their vision. This could mean years between visits. Fashion, on the other hand, changes seasonally. When you understand how to communicate the fashion and image of eyewear, your customers will actually want to see you more frequently. We will include tips on how to buy and sell eyewear as a fashion item, and help shatter the "one pair does it all" mindset of your patients by introducing them to the eyewear wardrobe concept. Learn how to position eyewear as the must-have fashion accessory that meets the visual and image wants, needs and desires of your patients.

How to Sell Expensive Stuff
Take the anxiety and fear out of presenting top of the line products. Learn what motivates luxury buyers, and how to use that knowledge to increase your eyewear sales. Discover practical tips on buying, merchandising and selling high end products, as well as how to train your staff to be comfortable with them.

Those are just a few of the courses, there are 11 in all and it's worth 18 hours of CE. You can see all of the courses here: You get your certificate after attending 8 Hours of coursework, and the really cool thing is that you don't have to do it all at once. So your hours are combined from year to year.

Have you or anyone from your practice participated in this program? Would your practice benefit from this?


Ready to order frames? Check out VisionWeb's FREE Online Ordering Service for Eye Doctors!

Vision Expo: To Do List to Prepare for the Show



Our friends at The Optical Vision Site have been to a tradeshow or two (understatement of the day!) and they compiled a great list of to- dos in their post "TO DO: Preparing for Optical Trade Shows" to help you prepare for Vision Expo West. The show is just around the corner so we had to share. We'll definitely be referring to this list as we get our final preparations in order!

This is for those attending both or either Vision Expo West or any other optical trade show.

One of the worse things that happens you go to a trade show, and 1.) You have no business cards 2.) You don't have a To Do List, no cell charger (Horrors). Trade shows while fun, educational and a tax write-off can be expensive and it is best to be prepared when you go to maximize your time. Here is our checklist For Trade Show preparation:


  • Pre-register - Registering in advance saves you money. It will also insure you get the classes you want. Many trade shows offer deals.

  • Don't step over a dime to pick up a penny - if you are attending your local state trade show- book your room in the hotel. The cost of driving and parking to save $20 a night are not worth it. In addition, trade shows are good networking events. If you are drinking, you don't want to be driving. It is much easier to network at the hotel bar and just have to walk to the elevator. Trade show organizers have reserved rooms at a discount. Take advantage of it early. Many times the hotel will sell out of the reserved rooms.

  • Bring Staff - especially those who are buyers, administrators and office managers. Trade shows are great learning and training venues. Plus it's a good motivator!

  • DOWNLOAD CE NOTES - most trade shows are going paperless - eliminating all white paper and even eliminating CD's. If you need or want lecture notes - download them at home, rather than waiting in line at the Cyber Booth and printing. You can also use a thumb drive.

  • Arrive in plenty of time - nothing is worse than being stressed out by being late. In many CE classes- you will not receive credit if you are more than 10 minutes late.

  • Plan on attending trade events - Many Trade Shows have events planned in the evening. This can be a fun event and an excellent time to network and learn in casual surrounding.

  • Make a list of the exhibitors you want to see. Even if you aren't into equipment, check out what is new. If staff are going, you can split up the responsibilities. Setting appointments in advance insures you have scheduled time, especially if you are on a tight budget. You can use use Vision Expo show planner to help you map out appointments.

  • Check out Show specials to assure you have the time to take advantage of them and pre-plan to go to the booth. (Better yet, set an appointment)

Set Goals

  • You probably will be taking CE – but is there any other topic you want to learn about? We recommend you take a course out of your comfort zone especially on business planning.

  • What do you need to accomplish? What vendors to visit? What products you need to research? What equipment do you need?

  • Know your inventory needs before the show. Efficient purchasing will save you money by being able to take advantage of show specials and special offers, plus keeping you in budget.

  • Set appointments with vendors.

What to Pack

  • 50-100 Business Cards - This is not just for vendors, but new contacts you may meet at the show. It shows professionalism. You might consider getting new business cards with your Twitter handle, Facebook page and QR code for easy referencing and more likes and friends.

  • Laptop or iPad. Most shows are going paperless now- take your laptop and have your notes saved for later referral. Also you can make notes right in your device for easy referencing.

  • Your Goals and Objectives of Show

  • Appointment book/calendar

  • Cell phone/PDA if applicable

  • Pens, paper for notes( better yet, your laptop)

  • Briefcase/Tote/Reusable bag for your notes, orders and literature.

  • Flashdrive with your artwork and other types of files, you might be needing for custom merchandise

  • Cell Phone charger, camera charger to take pictures so you can share on Facebook, YouTube, your blog or websites.

  • Upload any apps you may need in advance. Apps like Bump are great in case you run out of business cards.

  • I always carry several plastic bags to keep notes, receipts, business cards. It saves me from searching after the show.

  • I also reuse a frame bag for safety pins, paper clips, rubber bands, it goes in my rolling office.

What to Wear

  • Pack comfortable shoes, wear business casual clothing, and remember you are a representative for your business.

  • Depending on the locale and the event planning - Golf bags, tennis rackets and evening clothes might be appropriate.

  • Allow enough room in your suitcase(s) for bringing back more than you take. This includes literature, freebies, and product samples.

  • Some exhibitors provide bags, but come prepared by bringing a comfortable carryall for all that literature.

  • Remember - airlines charge for extra baggage - check your airline before you bring extra luggage.

At the Trade Show

  • Show guides are usually provided when you arrive.

  • Make sure your badge is in plain sight while browsing trade show booths.

  • Take advantage of show specials, discounts and sales where they are truly bargains and needed in your store. Check freight costs and delivery dates.

  • Keep track of orders placed so you'll stay within your budget. (You can put this into one of your plastic bags.

  • Time is premium at trade shows - eat breakfast and take snacks with you. Depending on the trade show, food may not be provided, and if bought at the Convention Center, could add unnecessary expense.


  • Bring plenty of your own business cards (again)

  • Talk to people, a lot of people - this is a fantastic networking events.

  • Attend seminars and workshops if available. These educational presentations are why you came.

Vendors Appreciation The vendors exhibiting at the show help to fund the cost of your education

  • Be courteous with all vendors

  • Don't waste their time if you are not interested in their product.

  • Thank them for attending the show

  • If you are looking for that special red frame for your mother-in-law, know that a rep's time is valuable at the show.

  • Be honest - if you can't buy for another 6 months, tell them. 


Different Mindsets of a Tradeshow Attendee: Explorer/Pillager

Explorer Pillager

In this installment of our Different Mindsets of a Tradeshow Attendee series, we're focusing on the Explorer and Pillager, two of the best mindsets to get into for Vision Expo West. We were in awe the first time that we attended Vision Expo because we had no idea how big it would be. There are so many aspects of the industry on display and there's truly something new to discover at every corner. The size of the show quickly taught us one important thing for any explorer, and that is comfortable shoes. And if you're a pillager, make sure you grab a bag from one of the booths to carry everything!


Something that we really think is great about exploring the show is the chance of running across a celebrity appearance. Seriously, we LOVE this aspect of walking around the show. Last year, we were just wandering around with our "Efficiency Cowboy" (he was attending to help us promote a Sweepstakes) when we spotted Randy Jackson! Not only did we spot him, we also jumped on the chance to get some video with him and our efficiency cowboy. Only a few steps away from that, we ran into none other than Lisa Loeb! We took photos with her and chatted her up, and now we even receive her newsletters because she took our cards and made the effort to keep us in the loop. (How cool is that?) These would have been missed opportunities if we hadn't been roaming the floor with the mindset of an explorer. We don't mean to brag, but check out this photo and video:

Click here to view the video.

Lisa Loeb
Now, if you are ready to spot a celebrity, you won't be disappointed at Vision Expo West. Celebrities attending the show include Marie Osmond, Lisa Loeb, Vicki Gunvalson, Al-Farouq Aminu, and Danica Patrick. There could be more, because we always seem to find out about new appearances as the show gets closer. But you can check out the Celebrity Appearances Page on to find out when and where these celebrities will be appearing at the show.

Are you hitting the floor in search of new swag to bring back to the office? Well, you are in luck. There's lots of great stuff to pick up on the show floor. You can start by heading over to the VisionWeb Booth #MS7053 where you'll find our always colorful PD Sticks, eco tote bags, pens, and I <3 wrtistbands. (as an added benefit, we'll walk the show floor periodically looking for people wearing the wristbands and give them a giftcard, right on the spot!) You can stop by the iCoat Company Booth #20051 to get free AR cleaning cloths and cleaning solution. Live Eyewear is going to be giving away dry erase boards in Booth #21065. If you head over to the Signet Armorlite Booth #LP7065, a professional artist will do a line drawing of you! These are really cute and our team took a moment to have theirs done at Vision Expo in New York:

VisionWeb Line Drawing

These are just a few of the great giveaways. Walk the show floor and you'll be sure to find more. But, we encourage you to take a moment to talk to the exhibitor while you're there picking up a free item. Chances are you'll learn something about the company you never knew! The Optical Vision Site is also posting information on giveaways in their "Swag, Steals, and Deals" series and we definitely suggest checking that out!


Don't miss any installment of "Different Mindsets of a Tradeshow Attendee!"

Different Mindsets of a Tradeshow Attendee: Detective/Judge

Detective Judge

We're continuing our Different Mindsets of a Tradeshow Attendee series this week by taking a look at the Judge and Detective mindsets. We've grouped these two together because, ultimately, a detective's work is what helps the judge make a decision. By hitting these hot spots during Vision Expo West, and following these suggestions, we're sure that any detective, or judge, on the show floor will be able to gather the facts they need to make a just purchase decision on a new product or service.

Attend LIVE Demonstrations

Coburn Technologies, Inc.
Booth: LP6073
Complete Free-Form Mini-Lab
From design through surfacing, finishing and even AR coating; with the capability to scale from retail through low volume wholesale, see how a complete Free-Form Mini-lab can provide an affordable lens processing system.

iCoat Company
Booth: 20051
Premium 3D Eyewear
iCoat Company will be presenting with live demonstration of its premium 3D eyewear Sfirex. Have the clearest and brightest 3D experiences ever.

Santinelli International, Inc.
Booth: LP12087
FREE Rimless Workshops
Learn the “ins and outs” of mounting, assembling and adjusting rimless eyewear at this 30-minute workshop. To register, call Adrienne Lauro at 631.731.1327

FREE Tracer Coaching Session
Come and experience high-level tracer operation and learn maintenance procedures that will keep your Santinelli tracer working flawlessly. PLUS learn how to increase profits by tapping into your on-board tracer's underutilized Remote Frame Tracing (RFT) functionality.

*Utilizing the tracer technology on LE-9000, Le 1000 and Lex 1000 Lens Edgers; ICE 9000 and Ice 1000 Blockers.

To register, call Michele Candiano at 631.731.1307

Download the Vision Mobile SmartPhone Application

There's no better body of evidence for the Vision Expo West case than the Vision Mobile application. Without a doubt, this is Vision Expo's best apps for eyecare providers to date and it is chock full of great resources and information. From an interactive map that makes it easier to navigate the show floor, to an Agenda where you can set your schedule each day, to a "Here and Now" feature showing you all the exhibitors, show specials, and events going on around you on the show floor, to an inbox that contains all the important updates about Vision Expo (including a live twitter stream of the #VisionExpo hashtag - use it!, the Vision Mobile Application has you covered.

Prepare for the Show

Any detective or judge attending Vision Expo West needs to be sure that they have a game plan ready BEFORE they get to the show. Otherwise, you're bound to be overwhelmed by the amount of vendors and activities on the show floor. Here's how we would prepare if we had some investigating to do or an important purchase decision to make:

  • Make a checklist of your needs - If you're going to be looking for information to make a purchasing decision, it's important to know exactly what your practice needs. Especially if you're looking to purchase something game-changing in your practice, like a a practice management system. Make a list of the type of functionality you are looking for, the price you want to pay, the vendors you are interested in, and any other details you may forget to ask about when you're patrolling the show floor. By having a pre-made list on hand, you'll be able to make clearer, more definitive choices with ease and not waste yours or vendors time by not knowing what you're looking for.

  • Download the Vision Mobile Application - Like we mentioned earlier, this application is a must if you are a smartphone user. It has everything you need to make your time on the show floor more efficient and beneficial. Search for "Vision Mobile" in your phone's App Store or go to this page to be taken to each phone platforms

  • Research who is attending the show - It will be hard to get the information you need if you're looking for a vendor who isn't attending the show. Be sure to check out the Who's Exhibiting section of the Vision Expo West website. It has a ton of great tools to find out more about the vendors who will be at the show. Learn about the companies who offer the products you are looking for and create a schedule (use the mobile app!) of the booths and events you know you want to attend.

So there you have it! Whether you're needing to do some investigating on the show floor, or you have an important practice purchase decision to make, these resources will help you come to a final verdict and lay down the law in your practice! Be sure to let us know about any great demos or resources we may have missed by commenting below!


Don't miss any installment of "Different Mindsets of a Tradeshow Attendee!"

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