Special Offers from REM with REM's E-Club

Posted by Shawn Salter on Tue, Aug 16, 2011 @ 12:08 PM

REM E Club

REM Eyewear recently introduced a new way for you to take advantage of special offers on their products and frames called REM's E-Club. Essentially, REM customers can join the E-Club and they will receive a weekly email featuring a special offer on a particular product. E-Club members will be able to take advantage of tremendous savings on all of REM Eyewear's best sellers and great brands. There will be one exclusive email offer each week and it only goes to E-club customers. And, the offers are "Flash Offers", so they are only available for 24 hours. All the more reason to join the E-club and act fast to get the rewards!

Learn more and join the E-Club at http://www.remeclub.com/?page_id=23


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