Optical Marketing Tip: Design Trends to Focus on in 2016


As an Optometrist you probably don't have much time to research the latest design trends that are taking shape in 2016, but that doesn't mean it's not important for you to know. Marketing your optical practice is a big part of building new business and staying ahead of the competition, but if your brand, collateral, and messages are lacking in eye catching design the money and time you put into your marketing efforts could end up going to waste. 

So we asked our Interactive and Visual Designer, Felix Jaimes, to talk about the design trends that he thinks will be the most important for your optical marketing strategy this year. Whether you're creating your own marketing materials or working with a third party, keep these design trends top of mind!

2016 Design Trends that will Play a Role in Your Optical Marketing Strategy

Less is More

Simplicity is key. Your readers don't want to see cluttered graphics with text that takes too long to read. They want to know what you have to offer, and how to get it. Sure, a lot of graphics can look enticing, but what you actually have to offer should be more intriguing. If a design element doesn't serve a functional purpose, it becomes a distraction to the viewer. Next time you're designing an ad ask yourself, "How user-friendly is this?"

Responsive Designresponsive_example.png

With the increased amount of mobile devices there is a high chance that your patients are viewing your website on their phone or tablet, and you don't want your users leaving your site due to lack of readability. Responsive sites allow someone to simply view a website on any device without having to "pinch and zoom" in order to navigate the site. The readjustment of the site elements allows your patients to scroll up or down to reveal more content and find the information they're looking for. 

Flat Lay Photography

If you're active on Instagram there is a good chance you've been seeing a lot of flat lay photography, and it's a great trend you can easily apply to showcase your brand and products. Flat lay photography is a photo of a single or group of items taken from above (check out the example below). This could be a great strategy for showcasing new frames in your dispensary. This top view of your items is a trendy, easy, and inexpensive way to show off your products with style on your website or social media pages!


Get Real

Stock images can be great for getting a point across quickly, but let's be real, the obviously staged images are not making your brand stand out against the competition. Instead, take photos of your own office or hire a professional photographer to come do it for you. It will help make your brand stronger and more recognizable, and establishes a more personal relationship between you and your audience. 

Flat Design

Flat design focuses more on user experience by getting rid of flashy, animated illustrations, and going back to the basics. This particular style is most commonly conveyed using simplified icons rather than beveled figures with drop shadows. It is also common to use bright colors with constrasting icons that allow the user to easily visualize what is going on without having to use any words or descriptions.flat_design_example.png

Quality over Quantity

If you're thinking about putting more focus on your marketing this year, make sure that you do it right. One well-thought out and executed strategy will always trump reach. Even if you reach a smaller audience you're going to have more success with one piece of media that is a well-executed concept, with good design and refined content, than if you quickly put together 12 different ads to use throughout the year. 

Brand Redesign

The last two years have been big years for a lot of major companies like Google, Spike TV, IHOP, and Netflix all updating or redesigning their logos. Redesigning your brand doesn't necessarily mean you completely change your entire look. Sometimes small changes to a logo, like a new font, can make a huge difference to your brand. Now matter how big or small your business is, a refreshed logo design can breathe new life into an old brand.

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