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10 for 10: Insight on Optometric Practice Management Software

Posted by Alli Yarbrough on Thu, Jul 25, 2013 @ 08:07 AM

Welcome back to our 5th edition of 10 for 10: 10 Questions for VisionWeb's Tenacious 10! Here you'll meet 10 of VisionWeb's Directors, Chiefs, and all around fantastic people. Learn about VisionWeb's company culture, new projects, executives' insights on industry trends, and much more!

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8 Perks of Using Online Ordering Services for Eye Care Providers

Posted by Alli Yarbrough on Tue, Jul 23, 2013 @ 08:07 AM

We all know how challenging it can be to run a busy practice and you may be convinced that the most logical idea is to continue running it the only way you know how. Training your staff and learning new processes can be hard to find time for. Even if that means retyping a patient's order into your practice management system, or wasting time calling a lab to check on an order's status, your way is the best way. But in all reality, that may not be true.

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6 Questions to Determine if You Have a True Cloud Practice Management System

Posted by Alli Yarbrough on Tue, Jul 16, 2013 @ 08:07 AM

So hopefully we all know by now that using a practice management system is a good idea, but how do you determine which one is the best for your practice?

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Are You One of the Most Innovative and Daring Optical Practices?

Posted by Alli Yarbrough on Tue, Jun 11, 2013 @ 07:06 AM

The time has come for Vision Monday's Annual Dispensing and Retail Excellence (D.A.R.E.) Awards! For the past three years, Vision Monday has awarded optical practices who have made innovative and daring choices for their dispensing, merchandising, and philanthropic initiatives; as well as their marketing and advertising campaigns. For the first time, the awards have a sponsor, Europa International who will assist Vision Monday with promoting and judging the contest.

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5 Consequences of Not Ordering to Spectacle Lens Suppliers Online

Posted by Alli Yarbrough on Tue, Jun 04, 2013 @ 08:06 AM

Did you know that in a recent survey 93% of eye care providers said that online ordering to spectacle lens suppliers made their practice more efficient? If you did, then why are you still using the phone and fax to place these orders?! Phone and fax orders are more susceptible to errors, take up time that could be spent on patients, and prevent you from taking advantage of some great features online optical ordering services, like VisionWeb, can provide. But that’s not all; check out these 5 consequences of not ordering to spectacle lens suppliers online.

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