3 Signs Your Optical Practice Outgrew Your Claims Management Process

Posted by Jeff Rezabek on Tue, Mar 31, 2020 @ 10:03 AM

Your practice has come a long way since it opened, but you still have some fire left in you to continue caring for your community’s ocular health. The only problem is, your practice may have outgrown your claims management processes, which could be leaving revenue on the table.

So, how do you know if you’ve outgrown your claim management practices? This post identifies a few different signs you may experience if your optical practice is outgrowing your claims management efforts and provides a remedy that scales.

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Medical and Vision Billing: Consultants vs Outsourcing

Posted by Madhu Singh on Thu, Feb 06, 2020 @ 07:02 AM

Taking care of your practice's billing in-house is tough when optometrists don't have a background in insurance claims. Billing takes time and attention to detail that most of your practice staff doesn't have the bandwidth for unless you have a dedicated biller. However, we're aware that finding and fairly compensating an experienced biller is tough and expensive. How about hiring an expert?

We want to examine two options you have if you've decided to trust experts outside of your practice: consultants and outsourced billing. Let's see how they compare.

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The Financial Guide: Medicare

Posted by Shane Shepherd on Thu, Jan 09, 2020 @ 08:01 AM

Navigating the world of insurance and billing can be complex at best and profit crippling at worst. When it comes to Medicare billing, there are specific requirements and processes your practice has to follow and understand.

We enlisted the help and advice of Shane Shepherd to unravel the complicated parts of getting your insurance reimbursements. With 17 years of experience, there's almost no claim he can't get paid.

Keep reading to find out the difference between secondary and supplemental Medicare insurance.

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How to Read Your Revenue Cycle Management Reports

Posted by Jeff Rezabek on Tue, Dec 10, 2019 @ 14:12 PM

Without revenue cycle management reports, you don’t have the proper visibility to measure the performance of your billing manager and their claim management activities. To provide you with increased visibility into your practice, run revenue cycle management reports, part of VisionWeb’s outsourced billing service, delivers full transparency into how your practice is performing against state and national averages to help your optometric practice profit.

Below are a few tips on how you can better understand and read these important reports.

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Cheat Sheet to Being a Billing Expert

Posted by Madhu Singh on Thu, Sep 26, 2019 @ 08:09 AM

Throughout the tradeshows of 2019, it's become clear that all optometrists and office managers can find one thing in common: their frustration with billing.

We recently held "Ask Me Anything" sessions at Vision Expo West where our resident billing expert answered any and all money-related questions. We received questions about medical vs vision billing, how to scale profits with multiple payers, managing medicare, and more.

That's why we want to make sure you have access to our free Insurance Revenue Kit for ODs. Not only will it help you understand your billing issues, but it'll also show you how you can end your frustration.


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