TriZetto Treatment Price Transparency: 3 Tips for Rapid Patient Payment

VisionWeb's Revenue Cycle Management service works your denials and rejections and accelerates your claims through the claim cycle faster, which delivers more money to your bottom line sooner. To make this service even sweeter, VisionWeb’s RCM service has partnered with TriZetto Provider Solutions a Cognizant Company to handle all of your medical and vision claims from beginning to end. 

TriZetto Provider Solutions' strong expertise in the business of healthcare has helped advance VisionWeb’s RCM service which has allowed OD's to focus on providing quality care. Recently, TriZetto Provider Solutions has developed a free whitepaper you can download here. It walks through 3 tips for rapid patient payment, so your practice can get paid what you're owed. 

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Do your patients know what their financial responsibility is when they leave your practice? Take the guesswork out of patient payments.

Patients’ increased financial responsibility is complex and confusing; it’s extremely important providers understand the patient’s responsibility and educate them to avoid any unexpected costs.

The Patient Responsibility Estimation solution from TriZetto Provider Solutions, a Cognizant Company, allows you to estimate the amount patients owe, prior to them leaving the office.

  • Provide transparency and collect patient payments

  • Decrease office administration time

  • Reduce the number of rejected claims

  • Increase patient revenue

Download TriZetto Provider Solutions' whitepaper, Treatment Price Trice Transparency: 3 Tips for Rapid Patient Payment, to learn three tips for getting paid what you're owed. 

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