EHR Software

Tell-Tale Signs it's Time to Update Your Optometry Software

Your practice management and EHR system should enhance and simplify the workflow of your optical practice. There are many things that can...

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Practice Management, Practice Efficiency, Technology

7 Solutions to Take Your Eye Care Practice to the Next Level

Increasing efficiency and boosting profits are the biggest goals for any business, but creating a strong and profitable optical dispensary...

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Staff Management

Staff Training Books for Optometrists to Read

The success or failure of your practice is largely dependent on your staff. From productivity and motivation to training and development,...

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Marketing and Social Media

How to Host a Social Media Contest

Are you looking for a surefire way to generate huge audience engagement on social media? Host a social media contest or giveaway! The rise...

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Marketing and Social Media

Twitter vs. Facebook - What's More Valuable to Your Eyecare Practice?

A lot of businesses are active on the social networking mega-sites: Facebook and Twitter. That means we spend a fair amount of time on...

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Practice Management, Optical Dispensing, Coding & Billing

5 Questions Every Eye Care Practice Should Ask Themselves

It takes a lot of work just to develop, manage, and maintain a practice. So considering what to do when you want to take your practice to...

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Uprise EHR & PM, Business Management

Should you Start a New Business in Uncertain Times?

Starting a new business is unpredictable, tumultuous, and in these uncertain times, some may even say crazy. However, the idea of “new...

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EHR Software, Practice Efficiency

Features your EHR Should Have to Streamline Communication

Communication is the heart of any successful business. In an eyecare practice, it’s especially important to have clear communication...

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Tips & Tools

25 of The Most Expensive Eye Wear In The World

Let's take a peek into what it's like to dress like the rich and famous with a countdown of the most expensive eyewear available for...

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Practice Management, Marketing and Social Media

How to Generate More Patients for Your Optometric Practice

Growing your patient base in optometry can be a challenge when you consider direct, local competitors as well as online glasses and contact...

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Uprise EHR & PM

Case Study: How Dr. Sako’s EHR Saves Time & Spurs Growth

With a mission to improve quality of life by providing the finest vision care for all ages, Dr. Sako requires robust practice management...

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Marketing and Social Media, Business Management

New Books for ODs' 2021 Reading List

Knowledge is power, and there’s no better way to receive new knowledge than by picking up a book written by the people who have lived...

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Marketing and Social Media

Eco-Friendly Eyecare Products for Your Optical Dispensary

Consumers are becoming more conscious of where they spend their money, especially when it comes to e-commerce. From fair-trade logos to...

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Business Management

6 Hidden Costs Of Running An Optometric Practice

Running an optometric practice is expensive. While most practice owners expect that they’ll incur fees for utilities and rent, there are...

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Customer Service

How to Improve Patient Loyalty and Retention

Growing business and increasing revenue isn’t just about attracting new patients, it’s also about retaining the patients you already have....

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Tips & Tools, Customer Service

$200 Investments For Your Eyecare Practice

When you think about investing in your practice, your mind might jump to upgrading to the newest equipment or maybe even hiring a new...

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