Business Management

Optometric Practice Tips for Creating A Culture Your Staff Will Thrive In

In an optometric practice, your staff interacts with dozens of people daily, either face to face or over the phone. Under pressure to...

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Coding & Billing

Does Your Practice Need an Optometric Billing Manager?

Evaluating your staff and your workflow to see where your team is spending most of their time and what parts of your workflow are being...

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Resources, Tips & Tools, Technology

NEW WEBINAR: Communication Strategies for Modern Optometry Practices

Having the right tools for your business to be successful is essential for continued growth of your eyecare practice. Creating a space for...

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Staff Management

How to Establish Trust With Your Optometry Practice Staff

Establishing trust and credibility can go far when building the culture of your business. Eyecare practices are no exception to the...

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Resources, Coding & Billing

Cheat Sheet to Being a Billing Expert

Throughout the tradeshows of 2022, it's become clear that all optometrists and office managers can find one thing in common: their...

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Optical Dispensing, Coding & Billing, Staff Management

3 People Who Destroy Eyecare Practice Efficiency

Online product ordering and claim filing efficiency is important to any practice. After all, it does have a direct impact on the amount of...

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Practice Efficiency, Optical Dispensing

3 Things You Didn't Know About VisionWeb's Online Ordering Platform

VisionWeb’s Online Ordering Platform is known for leading the industry for all optical needs. We have been privileged to serve over 20,000...

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Customer Service

How to Treat Your Optical Practice Patients like People, Not Numbers

Having a full, back-to-back schedule every day is an eyecare practice's dream. When your schedule is that busy, it's easy to start going...

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Coding & Billing

How to Provide Your OD with Full Coverage Info

In any job it can be easy to fall victim to bad habits. And, if you're a biller in an eyecare practice you probably have a routine down for...

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Optical Dispensing, Business Management

Industry Story: How VisionWeb's Ordering Platform Was Built

VisionWeb’s Online Ordering Platform is the industry's leading ordering solution for optical dispensary. We take pride in helping opticals...

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Practice Management, EHR Software

Knowing Your Staff's Computer Proficiency

If you've recently purchased new optometry office software, or even if you're just in the market, an important step in the process is...

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Coding & Billing

The Four Metrics Optometry Billing Managers Need To Focus On

Tracking and reviewing key performance indicators and metrics for your practice can seem a bit daunting. The typical practice owner is so...

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Marketing and Social Media, Resources

Investing in Business Cards for Your Entire Team

We spend a lot of time discussing social media as an inexpensive marketing tool for your eyecare practice, but there are some traditional...

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EHR Software

Software Implementation: Preparing Your Staff

Once you’ve decided which EHR software you want to implement at your practice, you have to start preparing your staff for the change....

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Optical Dispensing, Customer Service

New Webinar: 3 Optical Boosting Strategies

Boosting optical sales can sometimes be challenging when determining where to start or what approach to take with your team. Some...

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Practice Efficiency

5 Tips for More Effective Optical Team Meetings

In any business, meetings make up a part of your work day. Whether you're part of a big corporate practice, or a small independent you're...

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