New Ebook: 10 Competitive EHR Software Features ODs Love

We've noticed that optometrists are always curious to know how their peers are changing their processes to better accommodate their patients, adapt to industry updates, and generate more revenue. When attending networking events or even talking to your peers isn't an option, we hope that our blog and library of resources can be a source of sound advice to help guide you.

That's why we created a new ebook that includes quotes, stories, and video representations of the tools that successful optometrists have relied on in recent years. Curious to see if you also utilize these indispensable patient care tools? Access the ebook here for free.

An In-depth Look at Optometrists' Favorite Tools

EHR Features Ebook Email HeaderGiven how much change our industry has gone through, we were curious to learn which pieces of technology helped optometrists the most in the past year.  So, we asked real-life ODs what helped them gain an advantage over their competition.

In this ebook, we include quotes and videos showcasing optometrists' favorite tools and how other ODs can utilize them in their practice.

Here's just a teaser of a few features we cover:

→ Using iPads in an eyecare practice
→ Doctor/hospital referral system
→ Patient education videos
→ Automated exam templates
→ Drag and drop online scheduler

Read the full ebook below:

Download the eBook

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