Madhu Singh

EHR Software

New Ebook: 10 Competitive EHR Software Features ODs Love

We've noticed that optometrists are always curious to know how their peers are changing their processes to better accommodate their...

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Coding & Billing

OD Story: Dr. Allspaw's Rock Solid Employee

One of the most salient reasons to outsource your billing can be the benefits of NOT hiring an in-house biller. If you hire a biller, you...

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Practice Management, EHR Software

How to Improve Care for Diabetic Patients

Catering towards the disparate needs of all your patients can be difficult, especially when you have limited resources and space. Caring...

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Coding & Billing

6 Billing and Coding Tips from Our RCM Team

Although there are plenty of resources on the internet to help manage your practice, we find that billing advice specific to optometry...

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Uprise EHR & PM

OD Story: 4 Ways Your Practice Gets An Unfair Advantage

Some customers choose Uprisefor its touch-free capabilities and competitive features. An early adopter of Uprise, Dr. Kim Castleberry is no...

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Marketing and Social Media

How to Attract Millennial Staff and Patients to Your Optical Practice

Millennials are the generation that grew up with readily available internet, knowledge at their fingertips, technology prowess, and...

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Uprise EHR & PM, Business Management

Organizational Structure of an Optometry Practice

When new opportunities or responsibilities pop up in your optometry practice, do you knowwhich staff member should be in charge of taking...

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Keeping Profit Margins High in Your Eyecare Practice

It's no secret that optometry practices can earn a whopping 30-40% net profit. Especially once the practice has gone through its first year...

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Marketing and Social Media, Resources

The Financial Guide: The True Cost of Optical Marketing

Based on the needs of our readers, we're starting a new series here on the VisionWeb blog called The Financial Guide. We'll explore your...

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Coding & Billing

The Financial Guide: Prioritizing Patient Balances

We've shown you the benefits of pulling patient's benefits before appointments, the difference between vision and medical billing, and...

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Optical Dispensing, Resources, Business Management

The Financial Guide: Recovering Financially in Eyecare

If you're new to The Financial Guide series, we noticed that business management and finance aren't usually courses included in optometry...

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Optical Dispensing, Resources

How Patients Can Use Flex Spending Dollars at the Optometrist

It's time for the rush of patients scheduling appointments to use up the money left in their FSA or HSA accounts. If you're not...

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Practice Management, Customer Service

How to Fulfill Patient Needs with Eyecare Services

We all have basic needs for food, water, and shelter. These must be satisfied at certain times of day and are usually both predictable and...

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Marketing and Social Media, Resources, Technology

Google My Business Will Change Your Optometry Practice's SEO Strategy

It's likely you've already listed your optometry practice on Yelp, Zocdoc, and the AOA search. However, Google Reviews is quickly catching...

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Resources, Coding & Billing

Cheat Sheet to Being a Billing Expert

Throughout the tradeshows of 2022, it's become clear that all optometrists and office managers can find one thing in common: their...

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Events and Promotions

Announcing VisionWeb's CEO and CTO: Nicolas Sinet and Robert Carrier

We recently appointed Nicolas Sinet CEO of VisionWeb. Sinet will lead the company as we continue to innovate and grow our technology...

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