OD Story: Dr. Allspaw's Rock Solid Employee

One of the most salient reasons to outsource your billing can be the benefits of NOT hiring an in-house biller. If you hire a biller, you have to train them on optometry billing, pay them a full-time salary plus benefits, and deal with the uncertainty of high turnover rates.

However, VisionWeb's Revenue Cycle Management team allows you to circumvent that process. For Dr. Elizabeth Allspaw, our team acts like a rock solid employee she doesn't have to worry about. Keep reading the following interview from the leading digital publication, Women in Optometry, to understand Dr. Allspaw's story.

The Payoff of a Reliable Billing Process

As is true for so many optometrists who opened their new practices in late 2019, Elizabeth Allspaw, OD, could not have predicted that six months later, the COVID-19 pandemic would force a closure or significant slowdown of her new Bright View Family Vision in Avon, Indiana. She hired our team to handle her billing shortly after struggling to manage it on her own.
Dr. Allspaw noticed improvements early on in her journey working with our team. “VisionWeb began working through my accounts receivable to keep it low and keep income coming in,” she says. Even though she worked hard to get a handle on billing and coding issues, there’s still a lot she had to learn.

Moving the billing and coding process off her plate “was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders,” she says. She was at the point where she needed to make a shift: either outsource this service or look for, hire, and train an in-house biller. “VisionWeb is doing it much more efficiently, and at a better cost.”

Dr. Allspaw says that she is also happy that she doesn’t need to search for a staff member who has the specific skill set to learn how to be a biller. “Just about every optometrist is having some staffing issues, but I am confident that my billing and coding being handled by VisionWeb is rock solid.”

Read her full story here on Women in Optometry's website.

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