Case Study: How Dr. Woodrich Avoided Revenue Loss in Her Practice

Like many optometrists, Karley Woodrich saw herself struggling with insurance claims and unable to keep up with billing. In her own words, “we needed billing help to focus our attention on our patients and successfully grow the practice.” Her story is one many OD’s can relate to, and made her question, “is dealing with insurance in-house from the beginning worth it?”

Woodrich understood that outsourcing was the best move her new practice could make and began working with VisionWeb’s Revenue Cycle Management team as a result. After working with VisionWeb’s RCM team, Woodrich learned billing as a new practice, dodged the headaches of denials and rejections, avoided profit loss, and generated long-term ROI.

How Woodrich Avoided Revenue Loss with VisionWeb’s RCM TeamWoodrich

Learned Billing as a New Practice

Woodrich credits VisionWeb’s RCM services for helping her understand areas of weaknesses, identify mistakes, and fix processes in her eyecare practice. She attributes this to VisionWeb’s RCM team’s guidance, support with implementation, effective communication, and always making themselves available to explain terminology and provide helpful resources. This allowed her practice to keep reimbursements and cash flow running smoothly.

Dodged the Headaches of Denials and Rejections

Like most OD’s, Woodrich’s background is not in billing. Woodrich understood that there were many layers of billing that she was unaware of, and she knew their practice was making mistakes. This is where VisionWeb’s RCM team really stepped up for her. VisionWeb’s RCM team handled all her denials and rejections, which saved her time and energy to focus on her real job at hand. 

Avoided Profit Loss

Woodrich states, “trusting VisionWeb with our billing was imperative to attaining our financial goals. They helped maximize our revenue in a short amount of time, despite us having zero experience and knowledge of insurance.” VisionWeb’s RCM team made it possible for Woodrich to optimize other parts of her new practice because she trusted that her insurance needs were met. Ultimately, this had a positive impact on her bottom line, because she has missed out on a lot of revenue without VisionWeb’s RCM.

Generated Long-Term ROI

Woodrich believes that outsourcing pays for itself and it provides consistency and backup to ensure a smooth workflow regardless of any employee turnover our practice might face. VisionWeb provided a healthy ROI for her practice and helped her with all of her billing needs.

Read Dr. Woodrich's full case study to see how she avoided revenue loss with VisionWeb's RCM service:

Woodrich Case Study

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