How You Can Celebrate National Sunglasses Day 2022

Today is National Sunglasses Day and VisionWeb encourages you to celebrate it in your practice. Sunglasses are not only a great fashion accessory, but the right pair can also help protect our eyes from UV light and prevent damage. 

 Nolan Rhyne, MBA, ABOC, VisionWeb's Regional Account Director wants to share great tips to how to help your office seize the opportunity by consistently offering a second pair, communicating the health benefits of sunglasses, and expanding sales to children

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Video: Why Sunglasses Are Important For Your Eye Health 

As mentioned, National Sunglasses Day can be an opportunity to educate patients on the importance of protecting their eyes from UV light. Prolonged exposure can lead to irreversible damage of not only your eyelids but the corneas and retinas of eyes. Including fun posters in your practice that discuss the benefits of prescription sunglasses will not only help your patients protect their eyes, but also promote second pair sales and directly add to your bottom line.

Watch the following video for a full list of actionable tips and feel free to share the video with your customers today:


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