Edible Eyecare Events: Sunshine Sunglass Cake Contests

Posted by Sharon Chin on Thu, Mar 07, 2013 @ 08:03 AM

Here at VisionWeb, we strongly believe that sugar consumption increases productivity in the office! So we got really excited when the Optical Vision Site suggested a Sunshine Sunglass cake party. And it's even better when it's done for a great cause. Read on to see how your practice can get everyone involved!  

Celebrate National Sunscreen Protection Day at Your Eyecare Practice

National Sunscreen Protection Day is May 27.  What a great way to spread the word about the dangers of UV and sun on body and eye health by having a Sunshine Sunglass cake party contest in celebration of sunglasses and UV protection. These pictures are of fun birthday cakes from Coolest Birthday Cakes and I bet you have patients who like to bake and could whip up a sunshine Cake!

Optical Vision Site   

Optical Vision Site

This could be a great press release, Facebook Fodder, Twitter News, etc. You can have your patients either send pics in or post on your Facebook, and even bring the cakes in to the office for a voting (tasting.) Winner wins a free eye exam, sunglasses, etc. You could also:

  • Organize a raffle off with the cakes and donations to go to your local charity.
  • Vote and donate the cakes to a local group.
  • Join forces with Local Bakery / Restaurant to spread the word and Facebook Fodder
  • Join Forces with local culinary school if you have one
  • Have a Bake-Off with Chamber of Commerce and other organizations with proceeds to be donated
Visit the Optical Vision Site
How will your practice participate in National Sunscreen Protection Day? 

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