Optical Dispensing Tips That Will Help Boost Your Summer Sales

Posted by Megan Ludzenski on Mon, Aug 17, 2020 @ 11:08 AM

Most of your patients will be embarking on various summer adventures, many of which will place them outdoors more than usual. The increase in outdoor activity offers a great opportunity for your practice to promote sunglasses sales in your dispensary.

When patients come to your practice, it can often be hard to ask them to make a sunglasses purchase on top of the frames they are likely already purchasing, but we’ve got some optical dispensing tips for boosting your sales this summer that will keep your patients’ eyes protected, and your financial statements happy.

Boost Sunglasses Sales in Your Dispensary with These Tips


If you’re going to promote the sale of sunglasses in your dispensary, you need to have them in your inventory. During the summer months it might be wise to expand your sunglasses inventory to include even more lines than usual so that your patients have good options. A variety means that patients can find the style and brand that best fits their lifestyle. 

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You likely have some sunglasses displayed throughout the year, but during the summer months, you can increase the amount you display and change up where you display them. Move your sunglasses display to a spot where they will be the main focus in your dispensary. Keeping them in a central location keeps them top of mind, and encourages your patients to try them on. Sun protection becomes a hot topic during the summer months; the same should be true for your dispensary. 


Patient education is so important in all areas of your practice, but especially when it comes to sun protection. Make sure you are explaining to your patients the damaging effects of UV rays on eyes, and how just like sunscreen, sunglasses should be worn anytime your patients will be spending extended periods of time in the sun. The more educated your patients are, the more likely they will be to purchase eye protection.


Have you ever heard the saying that if you don’t ask, the answer is no? Well if you don’t talk to your patients about sunglasses, they are probably less likely to purchase them. Start by asking patients some questions about their lifestyle, that way you can suggest frames and lens that are most appropriate for the activities they do the most often. Getting to know your patients adds a personal touch to the sales pitches that often happen in your dispensary, and can increase the likeliness of successfully making a sale.


One final way you can help increase sunglasses sales is to have special offers available during the summer months. Consider offering combo specials that encourage patients to add sunglasses on to their regular frame orders. The special can be something as simple as $50 off a sunglasses order with the purchase of regular frames. Special deals are a great incentive to persuade patients to make a purchase!

We hope these tips will inspire you to mix things up a bit in your dispensary, and create some great summer sales.

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Originally published in June 2015

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