Sierra Garza

Tips & Tools, Coding & Billing

Giving Thanks for Efficient Billing Processes ⎯ Protecting Your Practice Against Fraud and Compliance Risks

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it's important to reflect on the many things we have to be grateful for this holiday season....

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How You Can Celebrate National Sunglasses Day 2022

Today is National Sunglasses Dayand VisionWeb encourages you to celebrate it in your practice. Sunglasses are not only a great fashion...

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Tips & Tools

3 Tips to Ensure Patients Stick to Treatment Plans and Return for Follow-up Appointments

Working in the eyecare industry, sometimes it’s hard to remember that not all patients come from the same eyecare knowledge backgrounds....

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Amanda Video: Onboarding a Billing Team

Managing a practice in today’s business environment can be challenging. Now more than ever, practices are looking for solutions to fulfill...

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How Opticians Can Help Patients Find The Perfect Frames for their Face Shape

As an optician, you have a key role in helping patients select the perfect pair of frames. While upselling frames or lenses can be...

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Optical Dispensing

How Green Optics Found Success Partnering With VisionWeb

VisionWeb has built its reputation in the eyecare industry for being the best Online Ordering Platform and is connected to over 475 labs...

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Optometrists in Florida Limited in Use of 'Physician' Title by Bill 230

Imagine dedicating 8 long years to earning your bachelor's degree and a doctorate in optometry, only to be told you can't use the title of...

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3 Creative Solutions to 3 Common Challenges in 2023

When running a successful business, there are many challenges andobstacles that you’re going to face that lead you to make educated...

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[Featured Article] Dr. Sechler Navigates Family, Eyecare, and Billing with The Help of VisionWeb's Billing Solutions

Running an eyecare practice, chasing a toddler, and being a wife is difficult to balance individually, much less all three at the same...

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Staff Management

How to Establish Trust With Your Optometry Practice Staff

Establishing trust and credibility can go far whenbuilding the cultureof your business. Eyecare practices are no exception to the...

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Learn How Easy It Is For You To Create Engagement On Your Social Media Platforms

Did you know businesses with a strong social media presence creates trust and credibility with customers? In eyecare, this can be a...

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Tips & Tools, Coding & Billing

Rejection Hurts—  Follow These Tips When Addressing Electronic Claims To Ease The Pain

Rejection hurts. In eyecare, a rejected claim can delay revenue and cause unnecessary rework for you and billing staff (which can be the...

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Optical Dispensing, Tips & Tools

Optical Dispensing: 3 Tips for ECPs to Submit Orders With VisionWeb

For over 20 years, VisionWeb has been the industry standard for connecting eyecare professionals to labs and suppliers for all their...

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Optical Dispensing, Events and Promotions

Increase multiple pairs with these four eyewear-driven costume ideas!

As Halloween quickly approaches, your patients might be trying to figure out a last-minute costume to wear. Don't worry- VisionWeb has them...

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Tips & Tools, Staff Management

Hiring An Optician Can Be Scary- Use These 10 Interview Questions To Help Ease Your Mind

Creating a positive work environment in your practice is essential for your business to thrive and grow. The culture in your office starts...

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Tips & Tools, Events and Promotions

Spooky Season In Your Eyecare Practice

With Halloween quickly approaching, we want to ensure your eyecare practice is ready to celebrate with your patients! Celebrating a...

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