Hiring An Optician Can Be Scary- Use These 10 Interview Questions To Help Ease Your Mind

Creating a positive work environment in your practice is essential for your business to thrive and grow. The culture in your office starts from the expectations you set and live daily. Hiring employees representing your practice's culture can be a huge decision when interviewing candidates.

In today's blog, we want to cover interview questions to help gauge your candidates to ensure they are a good fit for not only an optician position, but a positive addition to your team. Asking these questions to candidates can give you an idea of how they will perform in the role and provide the potential staff member a picture of the job itself. 

10 Questions To Consider When Interviewing Top-Tier Candidates 

Selecting a candidate for an optician role is not a decision to be taken lightly, as it can potentially affect your optical sales negatively. You want an optician on your team with whom customers can connect and provide a memorable experience. We talked about other optical boosting tips in a previous blog if you're interested in learning training tips for your team. 

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Here's 10 questions to consider when interviewing candidates:

  1. "What approach would you take to help patients find the eyewear they're looking for?"
  2. "How would you help a first-time patient decide between contacts or glasses?"
  3. "How would you up sell to a patient"
  4. "Tell me about your professional background"
  5. "Why do you think it is important for an eyecare practice to strive for patient retention?"
  6. "What are you long-term goals, do they involve optometry?"
  7. "Tell me about your strengths and opportunities." 
  8. "As an optician you're responsible for fitting patients glasses using specialized equipment. Can you tell me about specific equipment you've work with in the past?" 
  9. "What does a healthy work environment look like and feel to you?"
  10. "What does teamwork mean to you, and why is it important in the workplace?"

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