3 Tips For ECPs To Run A Modern Eyecare Practice

Most eye care professionals understand that to run a successful modern practice, you must cater to various customers across generations from Gen Z to Boomers. Creating an environment for all generations to feel comfortable will help your office retain and draw in new patients.

Today, let's discuss three tips on running a modernized practice to create a positive workplace culture, use social media as a networking tool, and how to make each patient visit an experience.

Tips To Help ECPs Run A Modern Eyecare Practice

Create A Positive Work Environment 

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In order to set the right tone in your modern eyecare practice is to create a positive workplace culture, especially with the recent buzz about quiet quitting. Quiet quitting is when employees feel overworked and are burnt out by employers, resulting in them doing the bare minimum at their jobs. This mindset can quickly make your office a toxic work environment causing high turnover rates, loss of sales, and overall slow business growth. Giving your staff a good work-life balance, like honoring time off requests and having opportunities for career growth, will make your team feel valued. Setting the tone of the office's positive work culture will help your business thrive, keeping staff long-term.

Social Media Marketing

Let's look at how marketing social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook can set your eyecare practice apart from competitors. Having presence on social media gives new and current customers a relatable feeling drawing them in for business. It can also provide your practice a platform to stand out against other eyecare practices by showcasing your community services, sponsorships, team members, or celebrating holidays. An example is Halloween - if your staff dresses up and decorates the office, you can showcase their costumes online. People like doing business with people and companies they can relate to and trust, so highlighting your team in this way can help build that rapport with your patients.

Make Each Patient Visit an Experience 

After discussing the benefits of a positive work environment and social media marketing for running a modern eyecare practice, we can now review the importance of making each patient visit an experience. For example, talking to your patients about their everyday lives to figure out the best treatment plan for them will ensure their success of their treatment and eye health. Creating a treatment plan that fits their lifestyle and educating patients on their eye health will encourage them to follow through on their plan. Having open dialog with patients and building a genuine connection will help build loyalty resulting in high retention rates. 

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