Get Your Optometry Software Playbook For Running A Modern Practice

Optometry has changed rapidly over the past ten years. New innovations have paved the path for streamlined workflows, enabling practices to seat more patients without extending hours or reducing the quality of care. Unfortunately, many practices have been slow to adopt these solutions, choosing outdated systems and processes that create inefficiencies and increase risks.

In our latest ebook, we dive into the tools that practices are using to drive success and efficiency in their modern optometric practice.

New ebook “Optometry Software Playbook For Running A Modern Practice”optometry software playbook

As the eyecare industry evolves, so should the software solutions running in your optometric practice. Using sophisticated software solutions from check-in through check-out can help you reduce error-prone data entry, automate manual processes, and increase practice efficiency.

The “Optometry Software Playbook For Running A Modern Practice” ebook breaks down the most essential software solutions needed to run a modern, efficient optometric practice and provides actionable steps for using these solutions to streamline your workflow, reduce errors, and increase profits.

Solutions you’ll learn about in this ebook include:

  • Patient Recall
  • Patient Education
  • Frame Management
  • Code Verification
  • Online Ordering
  • Practice Management and EHR

Download your copy of the ebook to discover how modern practices are leveraging software to improve their workflow and practice success.

Download the "Optometry Software Playbook For Running A Modern Practice" ebook.

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