4 Ways Technology Will Help Your Front Desk Stand Out

The waiting room and front desk of your eyecare practice is where your patients get their first impression of your entire office, which is what makes this area of your practice so important to your overall brand and patient experience.

Whether it's a piece of technology that looks really cool or something that helps speed up the workflow and improve the patient journey, you need to make sure you're implementing the best gadgets for your office. Let's look at 4 things we think can help take your front desk into the future. 

Modernize Your Front Desk with New Technology

Patient Portal Kioskmedical history

One of the most important parts of the front desk of your office is a quick check in. Especially with new patients there can be a lot of paperwork and data entry that needs to be filled out. A tablet-accessible patient portal can help you ditch paper in your practice as patients can fill out any information required before their appointment or on their own at a check in kiosk when they arrive. This technology pitstop will help speed up check-ins, reduce paper in the practice, and reduce duplicate data entry by your staff.

Dyson Air Purifying Fans

Maintaining clean air gets harder and harder every day. Dyson has always bee known for their sleek design and now they have air purifiers that also help heat and cool a room. Having one of these modern purifiers in your waiting room displays that you want to give your patients the best office environment possible. 


Having a free-to-use Opticwash machine in your waiting room is a fun added bonus for your patients to be able to clean their eyewear, jewelry, or water-resistant smart phones. The machine uses water and UV light to disinfect and puts on a show with a clear exterior that allows patients to watch as their items get clean. While we think it's a nice perk to allow use of this machine for free, there is an option to pay per use via a credit card system built into the machine.

Cloud-based EHR and PM

Not all technology at the front desk needs to be flashy, it just needs to be useful. The best EHR and practice management software will make life at the front desk quick and easy. We already talked about a patient portal kiosk at check-in, but how simple does your PM system make it to schedule new appointments, check insurance eligibility, or internally message other staff members? These may seem like small tasks that many systems achieve, but how agile they make your workflow can allow you to see more patients each day.

Want to see how Uprise practice management and EHR can help modernize and speed up the workflow at your front desk? Watch our video to see for yourself. 


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