National Receptionist Day: How to Improve Front Office Efficiencies

Receptionists have countless responsibilities in your eyecare practice. They often act as the boss’ gatekeeper and are where your patients gather their first impression of your entire office. This is what makes this area of your practice so important to your overall brand and patient experience. So make sure you treat them well.

We wanted to dedicate National Receptionist Day to how you can improve the workflow efficiencies in your front office in order to reduce stress and make your receptionist's job easier. With our modern optometry software, Uprise EHR & PM, you can accelerate the patient journey throughout the office workflow which will help the job of your receptionist.

How the Uprise Patient Portal Improves Front Office Efficiencies in Your Eyecare Practice

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To accelerate your office workflow from check-in to check-out, you need to use modern practice management and EHR solutions in your optometric practice. In many traditional workflows, the check-in step wastes a lot of time between checking insurance coverage, entering patient information, and copying forms.

You can speed up the process for your front office by giving your patients access to the forms that they need to fill out ahead of time and encouraging them to complete everything ahead of their appointment. 

Secure Messaging

Your receptionist can communicate with the rest of the staff without ever leaving the front desk. Using the internal messaging system, the front desk can notify the technician that a particular patient is ready for the next stage of the workflow, or add any other information that is vital to ensuring the patient receives the best care available.

A built-in patient portal also allows receptionists to send and receive secure messages with your patients. This capability helps reduce phone time because patients can securely communicate questions and concerns via the patient portal, which means the front desk doesn’t have to spend time answering questions over the phone.

Advanced Scheduling

Relying on spreadsheets, appointment books, or separate scheduling software to manage your schedule can cause gaps in your workflow. Plus, no one should be using outdated spreadsheets anyway.

The advanced scheduling tools provide your front office with the flexibility to view a summary of patient details, customize the calendar, and create or modify appointments on the fly. You can also check patient eligibility quickly from within Uprise.

There are many common challenges the front desk faces — reducing paperwork, limiting phone time, and managing patient schedules are just a few of these challenges. The patient portal is your receptionist's side-kick that automates outdated responsibilities like filling out spreadsheets or manually scheduling appointments, which helps your front desk succeed in other areas of their busy job. 

For more information on how our patient portal can improve workflow efficiencies in your front office, watch this video:

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