How To Avoid Hiring The Wrong Candidate For Your Optometric Practice

In order for your optometric practice to run smoothly, you have to trust that your staff members will do their role efficiently, effectively, and with integrity so that you can focus on your side of the business. Unfortunately, filling a position with the wrong candidate could put stress on your, your practice, your staff, and even the patients that have to interact with your practice. According to a CareerBuilder survey, a bad hire can cost a business $11,000.

Below are a few tips to help avoid making the wrong selection in the future.

Optometric Practice Tips For Avoiding Hiring The Wrong CandidateAvoid hiring the wrong candidate for your optometric practice with these tips.

Take Your Time

Whether you just lost your biller, or you’re short an optician, when your practice isn’t running at full strength, you may want to fill the position as soon as you can. Unfortunately, being too eager to bring in new talent may cause you to make errors in the hiring process and cause you to hire a candidate who is a wrong fit for your practice.

When it’s time to recruit, have a defined hiring process established that will enable you to take your time to select the best candidate.

Check References

Another way to avoid making the wrong hiring decision is to ask the candidate for professional references. Checking the candidate’s references will give you the chance to confirm the information on the candidate’s resume, and it can also be used to keep you from rushing the process.

When you connect with the candidate’s professional references, try asking these questions.

Write Better Job Descriptions

Vague or overly complex language and unrealistic expectations can cause confusion and will waste your time and the candidates time. Writing an enticing job description will help attract the right candidates to your practice so you can interview the qualified individuals you need.

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