Optometric Practice Tips for Writing Enticing Job Descriptions

Your optometric staff contributes a lot to your practice's success. So, when a team member leaves or new roles are created, it’s important that your optometric practice hires the most qualified individual for your practice. This whole process starts with writing an attractive job description.

Posting jobs to online job boards can help your practice expand the reach of the posting by advertising in multiple places while using the same information. When it comes to online job posting, you want the job ad to be attractive so you can hire qualified candidates in your practice without wasting your time.

Below are tips on writing a job description that attracts high-quality talent to your optometric practice.

Writing Job Descriptions to Attract the Best Employees to Your Optometric Practice

Job TitlesTips for writing job descriptions to attract the best hire for your optometric practice

Job titles are a lot like email subject lines, they need to be brief, and laser focused. If you don’t pick a targeted job title, then the chance of you attracting the right audience and getting them to respond to your posting is slim. When selecting the job title, choose one that is concise, matches the expected responsibilities, and avoids internal jargon that could confuse applicants.

Job Summary

The job summary contains a few sentences that review the main responsibilities of the applicant. If you can summarize the typical day of the position in a few short sentences, then you’re set. When writing the summary, write in the second person to make the posting more conversational.

In the summary, be sure to list the location of the practice and quickly describe why your practice is unique.


This section is where you can provide more details about the projects and responsibilities that the applicant will be owning in the practice. When writing the this section, you want to make this a list and keep it short to help interested applicants see exactly what you expect out of this position. This will save them time and help you avoid making a big hiring mistake.

Typically, you should put the most important responsibilities on top.


What skills does the candidate need to be successful in the role? It’s important to list every skill and qualification that you can think of. While the chances of you getting a candidate that matches the qualifications exactly are slim, you should weigh the ones that are most important to your practice and the individual’s success in the role.

This section is where you should list:

  • Education
  • Previous job experience
  • Certifications
  • Communication and technical skills
  • Personality traits


What’s in it for the applicant? Other than working for a great practice and helping people in the community, applicants need other incentives to apply. In the benefits section, list what the candidate would receive if hired for the position. Things you could include in this section are:

  • Salary range (hourly or annual income)
  • Retirement package
  • Health insurance benefits
  • Vacation
  • Continuing education opportunities

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