Eyecare Practice Management: 3 Hiring Tips to Use for Your Next Hire

Whether you are hiring to cope with your expanding business, or hiring to replace a staff member, finding the right person for the job has a huge impact on your practice and it’s a huge responsibility to take on. We’re here to show you 3 tips to use on your next hiring process.  

HR Eyecare Practice Management Hiring Tips

eyecare_practice_management_hiring_tipsWrite a Detailed Job Description

Preparing your candidates is going to save you time from eliminating ineligible candidates ahead of time. But that means that you’re going to have to put in time and effort into compiling a good detailed job description that will attract the right talent. Here are a few things to think about and include:

  • Qualifications: These are basic information that every job description should have. List of requirements can include years of experience and skills or certifications.
  • Actual job tasks: This might seem standard to you, but this section should include more than the tasks the person should be doing when hired on. You should also be thinking about skills that are required of the job. For example, if you’re hiring a front desk staff member, you might want to mention that you’re looking for someone who is a great multi-tasker.
  • Culture: This section is important for finding a good personality fit for your practice. Remember that skills can be taught, but passion and personality can’t.
  • Benefits: Providing good benefits show candidates that you care about them and will help attract applicants. A big part of the interview process is being impressed by your candidate, but a successful recruitment goes both ways. Include things like your vacation policies, retirement fund and insurance options, and a bonus or merit system plan.  

Use a Consistent Hiring Checklist

Using a consistent standard allows you to compare candidates fairly and objectively. Think about why you need someone to fil this position. What do you want them to accomplish and what skills are needed to meet those goals. More than just checking off a list to make sure that they meet the requirements, rank the priority of skills needed on a scorecard before screening applicants. This also ensures that you aren’t hiring solely based on your gut feeling or just because someone is a personality match.

Check out this funny skit about finding the perfect personality match! Warning: Potentially NSFW language in the video.

Create a feasible timeline

There is always a rush to fill an open position, especially in the case of an unexpected departure of a staff member. But most hiring mistakes come from not thoroughly going through enough candidates. Rushing the process might cause you to miss some red flags about candidates, which in turn, results in more time looking for another candidate when that one doesn’t work out. Set out a timeline for the hiring process, but on average, it takes about six weeks to attract and vet enough high quality candidates.

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