[Featured Article] Dr. Sechler Navigates Family, Eyecare, and Billing with The Help of VisionWeb's Billing Solutions

Running an eyecare practice, chasing a toddler, and being a wife is difficult to balance individually, much less all three at the same time! With a workload like that, It's no wonder Dr. Laura Sechler's billing got pushed to the back burner. In a recent article featured in Women in Optometry, Sechler shares her experience after purchasing a 40-year-old practice with dated billing processes and how VisionWeb's billing solutions were able to help modernize and scale her practice. Read the full article.

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VisionWeb's RCM Service Made Dr. Sechler's Day−to−day Easier 

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Not only was our team able to answer all of her questions and work with her to best accommodate her practice's needs. VisionWeb's team of billing experts quickly and accurately submitted her claims resulting in faster reimbursements and fewer denials. She also had access to detailed reporting that made it easier for her to monitor the financial health of her practice.


“Take the time to find a company that fits your values and needs, just like we did with VisionWeb. They show up for us on a daily basis. It has been a great decision.”

-Dr. Laura Sechler 

Time Management

After handling the in-house billing billing processes herself she quickly become overwhelming and a tedious task not having a clear direction of where to start. Sechler found this wasn't the best use of her time and energy! VisionWeb's RCM service gave all of the necessary components that allowed her to streamline the billing process. This gave Sechler peace of mind and time back to focus on patient care and her family! 

The Patient Experience

VisionWeb's RCM Services also helped Sechler create a better patient experience. Her staff can now focus on what's really important- their patients! Having an automated billing process lets her team to not stress about staying up to date with payor, state nuances, and training. Patients are now able to receive a more accurate and prompt bill from her office, leading to an overall improved patient experience.

Want to learn more about Dr. Sechler's billing experience? Click the link below to read the full article.

Dr. Sechler's Success Story

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