Learn How Easy It Is For You To Create Engagement On Your Social Media Platforms

Did you know businesses with a strong social media presence creates trust and credibility with customers? In eyecare, this can be a powerful tool for your practice to form a connection with patients leading to higher retention, sales, and marketing exposure- especially if you're working with a limited budget!  
You might be thinking, I don't know a thing about running social media accounts for a business... or where do I even start? You're not alone! In this blog, we want to give you some quick tools to help you start posting quality content for patients to enjoy.

Create Enjoyable Content On Social Platforms Your Patients Will LOVE!


Search Engine Optimization is a score of how high you rank in an organic search. The goal is to have a high SEO score, so you can reach a broader audience and make it easier for people to find you. Social media optimization of posts is used with hashtags related to your posts, like #eyecare or #patientcare, to reach more people outside your page's current following. 

Daily & Weekly Posts

Updated Social Media Posts (4)

Consistency, consistency, consistency! We recognize committing to posting regularly on your socials can take up a bit of your time, but you can ask your patients' for help. UGC (user-generated content) is popular in the influencer social media realm. It can be as simple as creating a hashtag for optical and offering 10% off their purchase when posting a selfie with their new purchase. Once your business is notified in a tag, you can repost the content. UGC is great exposure and free marketing for your business when minimal time and effort on your end. 

Involvement in Your Community

As humans, we tend to lean into the most relatable content. Giving back to the community or getting more involved in local events would be a great start for your practice; if you're not already doing so, make social posts to share for your patients to enjoy!

Social Platforms

Most popular platforms to consider:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok

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