Target Different Generations with Your Eyecare Practice Marketing

Your patient schedule is most likely filled with patients of varying age ranges. The way you communicate with these patients in the exam room often differs when talking to baby boomers than when you talk to millennials. But, does your marketing strategy only focus on one set generation? While major events help define the age range of a generation, they often don’t define the person, and individuals can follow characteristics of different generations all together.

This post highlights some optical marketing resources for targeting the different generations in your optometric practice.

Applying Generational Resources To Your Optical Marketing Strategy

Baby Boomers

The baby boomer generation is comprised of individuals born between 1946 and 1964, meaning that at the time of writing this post, they are between 57 years old and 75 years old. According to this article, baby boomers are more likely to spend money than other generations, so this is the generation you want to capitalize on in your optometric practice by showing them the value in purchasing your frames.

While many individuals in this generation are on Facebook—according to this Quick Sprout post in 2014, 70% of baby boomers were on Facebook—direct mailer campaigns can also be effective for the older or more rural end of the generation.

Generation X

Your patients born between 1965 and 1976 are the Generation Xers, these patients are roughly between 45 years old and 56 years old. This generation has a stronger social media presence than the boomer generation, but can usually only be found on Twitter and Facebook. They are also more likely to use email to communicate. Because of the great recession, Generation Xers are interested in ways to save money. So, how can you market your optometric practice to Generation Xers? Try using some of these tips below:


The Millennial population (born between 1977 and 1995) in your optometric practice are between 26 years old and 44 years oldWhile some may be in grad school, others are starting families or already have a family and an established career. Because the age difference between this generation is wider than Generation X, you have to test different marketing strategies to see what works best for the millennials in your community

Millennials are influenced by their friends and often look to social media or online review sites to help them make informed buying decisions. The millennial generation grew up with cell phones, so try using mobile-friendly marketing tactics, like sending text-based patient recall messages.

Generation Z

The Z generation in your practice is anyone who is 25 and younger (born after 1996). This generation grew up with the internet, smartphones, and social media--but they don't enjoy making phone calls usually. The Z generation consumes a large amount of media on a daily basis, so you want your marketing to be quick and memorable. Appeal to the Z generation on the social media platforms that make sense for your practice and community by posting creative GIFs and memes. This generation also cares a lot about helping society and making a difference in their community, so add value by giving back a portion of certain sales to charity.

Check out this article for more tips on marketing to the Z generation.

Another great way to figure out what your patients want is to survey them. Download our free survey kit here.


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