Optical Dispensing: 3 Tips for ECPs to Submit Orders With VisionWeb

For over 20 years, VisionWeb has been the industry standard for connecting eyecare professionals to labs and suppliers for all their electronic ordering needs. 

Today's blog encourages ECPs to submit frames, lenses, and contact orders through our platform to help optimize efficiency by streamlining your workflow

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Streamline your workflow using VisionWeb's Online Ordering Platform

There are many benefits to streamlining your ordering process with VisionWeb. You'll be able to track orders in real time (reducing time spent making tedious phone calls.) Your patients also benefit by receiving their orders 1-2 days faster.

Additional benefits include:Screenshot 2022-10-26 103316

Software Integrations

Integrating your EHR & PM software can eliminate dual entry and increase efficiency. Best of all, we're compatible with over 25 software systems.

Optimize Efficiency

Time is of the essence! The average ECP wastes 34 hours annually ordering via phone/ fax to suppliers. 93% of ECPs who submit orders through VisionWeb said online ordering made their practice more efficient.

Expert Support Team

Whether you need to add your lab to the list of suppliers, update your catalogs, or need help placing orders online, our US-based customer support team has you covered.


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Integrate Your PM with VisionWeb

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