3 Things You Didn't Know About VisionWeb's Online Ordering Platform

VisionWeb’s Online Ordering Platform is known for leading the industry for all optical needs. We have been privileged to serve over 20,000 eyecare practices, placing 29,000,000 orders each year, and connected with over 475 optical labs and suppliers. These connections make optical dispensing easier for your eyecare practice.

You may already be aware you can order frames and lenses through the platform. However, did you know you're able to place contact lens orders as well? Today, we're going to discuss easily tracking and submitting your contact lenses orders with VisionWeb and how it can improve the efficiency and productivity of your office. 

Click here to watch tutorial video on how simple it is to to place contact lens orders. 

Benefits Ordering Online With VisionWeb

Connected Lab & Suppliers
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As previously mentioned, our online ordering platform is connected with over 475 labs and suppliers. We have the largest network of ophthalmic suppliers in one location simplifying the ordering process. Here are the 6 suppliers we are connected with for online ordering contact lenses:
  • ABB OPTICAL GROUP – Coral Springs, FL
  • New Era Optical – Chicago, IL
  • Nassau Vision Contact Lens – Northvale, NJ
  • OOGP – Grants Pass, OR
  • Johnson & Johnson Vision – Jacksonville, FL
  • WVA – Burlington, WI
Timed Saved 
Now that we've covered connected labs and suppliers, lets discuss how you can save time when ordering frames, lenses, and contact lenses online. Utilizing online ordering can reduce errors, prevent rework and give you more time with patients. Here's some other time saving benefits:
  • Online ordering can get you orders back 1-2 days faster
  • Average ECPs waste 34 hours a year ordering via phone/ fax
  • 93% of ECPs said online ordering made their practice more efficient
Easy Tracking 
Now that we've covered connected lab and suppliers and time saved when using our online ordering platform, lets discuss the benefit of easy tacking your orders. When eyecare professionals place their orders using the ordering platform, they check the status and communicate to their patients. In return you're building a trust and a connection with your patients to ensure they return for future visits

Click here to see how simple it is to online order using our platform.Watch Video

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