How Green Optics Found Success Partnering With VisionWeb

VisionWeb has built its reputation in the eyecare industry for being the best Online Ordering Platform and is connected to over 475 labs and suppliers. We are constantly looking to develop new relationships to ensure we connect eyecare professionals for all of their ordering needs. Labs and suppliers benefit from being integrated with VisionWeb as well by having access to tracking customers' orders, reaching more potential customers with broader exposer, and faster completed orders.

Green Optics has been a part of VisionWeb's Online Ordering Platform for over 20 years. In a recent Review of Optometric Business article, Why Customers Love Our High-End Lenses & Digital Order Tracking, you can learn how Green Optics benefited by partnering with VisionWeb. 

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Green Optics Success Story 

Financial Success


Green Optics partnered with VisionWeb 20 years ago and has found financial success. Mike and Bernie Green, the founders of Green Optics, recognized that due to the high demand of customers, everything was being outsourced to labs to reduce costs. However, this was causing delays to customer orders, especially if the jobs needed to be reworked. By partnering with VisionWeb, they could eliminate outsourcing needs and manufacture onsite. 

Why Practices Love Online Ordering

Along with financial success, Green Optics found they could provide better customer service by encouraging customers to order through Visionweb. When eyecare professionals order through VisionWeb's online ordering platform, they can streamline the ordering process and track orders in real-time, all within the comfort of one of the 25 Practice Management Systems that VisionWeb integrates with. 
Read the full article here.

Are you a lab or supplier interested in connecting with VisionWeb? Click here to connect with VisionWeb. 

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