5 Reasons To Use VisonWeb’s Online Lab Ordering Solution

In addition to providing care to diagnose and correct eye health issues, there’s also a retail aspect to many optometric practices. Optical dispensing solutions, like VisionWeb’s online lab ordering platform, have enabled thousands of practices to place and track their optical product orders for spectacle lenses, contacts, and frames.

This post reveals five reasons your optometric practice should use VisionWeb for your optical dispensing needs.

Why You Should Use VisionWeb’s Online Lab Ordering Portal

Access Your Labs From One LocationLearn why so many practices are using VisionWeb's online lab ordering portal in their optometric practice.

Contacting each lab individually either by the phone or through the internet can take up a lot of your staff's time. With VisionWeb’s online lab ordering solution, you can access hundreds of labs from one browser window. Additionally, you can use VisionWeb’s platform to track your orders online 24/7 without having to pick up the phone and call the lab.

It’s More Accurate

Calling in orders can lead to miscommunication and errors. Placing your orders through the ordering platform is more accurate than other methods because or error-checking features that make sure each order is correct before it’s sent to the lab. Additionally, each lab manages their own online catalog, so you’re unable to place an order that isn’t supported by that lab.

It’s Faster

In a time where your practice competes with online retailers, you have to deliver quality products quickly to meet patient needs. Ordering through VisionWeb’s ordering platform will help you get jobs done 2-3 days faster than other ordering methods.

It Integrates with Most Practice Management Solutions

More and more optometric practices go paperless by utilizing practice management and EHR software. VisionWeb’s optical dispensing solution integrates with dozens of practice management solutions, including Uprise, so you can submit orders from your practice management software and reduce repetitive data-entry.

It’s Free

Did you know that 20,000 eyecare practices place over 16 million orders each year on VisionWeb for free?

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