Why Online Lab Ordering is More Accurate

Eyecare product ordering is something that almost all eyecare practices have to do. But a practice can choose to order their products in many different ways including fax, phone, visiting lab websites, or through a comprehensive online ordering solution.

But really, the most efficient way to order your products is through an online ordering solution. Ordering via phone, fax, or individual sites can be time consuming and more prone to errors. Modern practices understand the efficiency of an online ordering solution and have made it a staple in their busy practices. 

So, What Makes Online Lab Ordering More Accurate?

A good online ordering service is going to be equipped with error-checking
features that make sure every online lab orderingorder is correct before it's sent off to the lab. Have you ever gotten a call from your lab to clarify something on an order you phoned or faxed earlier in the week? An online ordering solution will prevent these types of calls and the processing delays they result in. 

With our online lab ordering solution, each lab manages their own online catalog so you're not able to place an order that can't be made by that specific lab. You'll know your orders are correct as soon as you submit them to the lab. 

Once your order is placed, you'll also be able to track your submitted orders with a few clicks of the mouse instead of calling the lab to check on the status. 

Want to see 4 more really good reasons why your practice should be ordering online? Download the ebook!

Optical Ordering Online

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