Why Optical Labs Want You to Break Up with Your Fax Machine

We've all been in those relationships that we cling on to even though we know it's time to let go and move on to something better. Maybe it's because we're afraid of making changes in our routine life, or even that we're afraid of "that something better." The fact of the matter is we will continue to drown ourselves in fear unless we decide to take a leap of faith and give chances to new changes in our lives.

Many eyecare providers strive to run their business efficiently, but never notice their fax machine, that's been with them for years, is actually causing a discrepency in their efficiency. It's time to wake up to reality and smell the sweet services of modern technology, and find out why your optical labs prefer you to order online!

Optical Labs Want You to Just Break Up With Your Fax Machine Already!

When we think of a fax machine, we think of three things:

  • Outdated Technology - In order to use a fax machine you first have to hand write or print off an order, walk yourself over to the fax machine, dial in the number, and then hope you don't get a busy signal. This long process and oudated technology can easily be replaced by submitting your orders online with just a few mouse clicks! 

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  • A Waste of Time - Your staff could end up spending a lot of extra time on the phone clarifying the writing on a fax order, or by calling up the lab to track the progress of an order they submitted.

  • A Big Hassle - Fax machines can be a hassle in so many ways. Whether it's a busy fax line that you have to keep resending to, or an order that is transcribed incorrectly and shows up wrong to your office.

If you've faced one of these situations at least once then let's face it, fax machines are just not doing you justice in your practice, and it's time to end your relationship with this frustrating machine and boost your optical practice efficiency.

Out With the Old, In with the New

You may be facing separation anxiety without your fax machine, but once you discover all that online optical ordering has to offer you and your optical labs, you won't miss your fax machine one bit. Here are 5 reasons why your "next date" should be with online ordering:

  1. Reduced Phone Time: Say your final good-byes to recieving phone calls about an error in your order. Our optical ordering service has built in error-checking features that assure your order is correct before entering the lab's management system.
  2. Increased Accuracy: When you order from an integrated practice management system, you reduce duplicate data entry errors by using the information system to create and submit orders directly to your suppliers.
  3. Increased Safety: When you fax over any information, it is at risk of getting in the hands of the wrong person. With online ordering, you can place your orders through a password protected account that sends your orders straight into the lab's practice management system, ahead of any phone or fax orders.
  4. Flexibility to Track & Place Orders Anytime: Calling labs to track orders is a waste of time for you and your patient. With our optical ordering services, you can track and place your orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at your own convenience with just a few clicks!
  5. Higher Patient Satisfaction: One of the most important aspects of any business is keeping your customers happy. Our users save an average of 34 hours per year by placing their ophthalmic product orders through VisionWeb. On top of that, their VisionWeb orders are returned to them 1-2 days faster than orders they place via the phone or fax. This is all because the labs receive their orders error-free and straight into their lab management system.

Want to learn more about why you should part roads with your fax machine? Check out our Ebook!

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