Common Concerns About Cloud Computing in Optical That May Scare You

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Thu, Nov 07, 2013 @ 12:11 PM

Cloud computing isn't just a buzzword anymore. It's being implemented in businesses across every industry, including optical. And we know that change can be scary. So we wanted to clear up a few common concerns and questions about cloud computing in optical that might scare you.

Common Concerns About Cloud Computing in Optical
(and why they shouldn't scare you)

cloud-based technologySystem Availability

We know you've heard stories about system downtime and security hacks that may be making you skeptical about cloud computing. And because cloud computing relies heavily on your internet connection, there is a chance of downtime if you lose your connection. But this can be easily prevented if your practice maintains a 3G or 4G Internet backup.

By choosing a cloud-based service you are dependent on the vendor's server system. And sometimes outages have been known to happen, like with major sites such as Reddit and Pinterest. While outages may happen they are very rare and most likely short lived. Plus, most providers have disaster recovery plans in place.

  • Amazon allows companies to spread their data across 8 centers around the world, so you can still access your data even if something were to happen at one data center.
  • You can also purchase insurance to prepare for the chance of data loss or cyber-attacks.

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy in the cloud is always a big concern, especially in healthcare. But cloud service providers are required to comply with various privacy standards and have to offer HIPAA compliance for cloud applications that serve in the medical industry.

Also, data in the cloud is very likely to be more secure than what you could accomplish on your own premises in terms of back up redundancy, fire prevention, disaster recovery, and both physical and cyber security. Top cloud vendors include written guarantees and service level agreements with serious penalties should your data be compromised in any way.

cloud computing in optical

The cost of providing high level security for data in your own office can be pricey. And cloud vendors can offer a highly reliable and secure infrastructure at a lower and more predictable cost. Monthly subscription costs may seem or feel high, but if you go through the exercise of spreading out local infrastructure costs over time, you might be surprised!

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