Why You Need Frames Data Embedded in Your Optical Management Software


When choosing new optical management software it's important to think about how your workflow will be affected. Are you going to have to purchase a number of different softwares to integrate with your practice management system in order to get all of your tasks done? With Uprise, our system comes with a variety of embedded tools, including Frames Data. We sat down with Frames Data and asked them a few questions about why Uprise users will love having Frames Data embedded in their system!

The Benefits of Frames Data with Your Optical Management Software

What is Frames Data?

Frames Data works across the optical industry to create detailed, comprehensive databases about the products ECPs and optical labs use every day. Those databases are then used in ways that make ordering frames, processing lab jobs, and submitting insurance claims easier, faster, and more accurate. It saves our customers time, reduces hassle, and even improves the quality of the finished eyewear.

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What services are embedded with Uprise and how does it benefit ECPs?

Detailed information from our frame database - such as eye size, colors, A/B/ED measurements, wholesale price information, and even frame images - are embedded directly into Uprise. Therefore, there's no waiting to receive data and no complicated loading process. That's how it benefits ECPs in the most immediate, tangible ways.

But on another level, there is also the benefit that having the data so readily available means that ECPs are much more likely to be fully using the reporting functionality in their software as well. An empty database is an obstacle to fully taking advantage of reporting capabilities. But a database that is already populated with this data is ready to start being used and can help realize the full potential of the software's reporting capabilities. And, when ECPs are using the real live sales and inventory data there is a much greater opportunity to be managing their stores based on hard data. They can see what works and what doesn't - as it's happening! ECPs can constantly improve, and make good decisions about what to sell in their stores. Having Frames Data embedded in their software advances ECPs to achieve a higher level of sophistication.

How will this benefit an ECP's patients?

Included with this connection is access to Frames Data Online. Many of our subscribers have started using Frames Data Online as a sales aid to help them sell frames they don't have in stock. It allows them to show their patients large, full color images (that can be expanded on a tablet to see the details), and often can show them alternate colors available. Plus, it's in a section of our website that we like to call "patient safe" which means there is no wholesale pricing displayed.

Why did you decide to partner with Uprise?

Frames Data is glad to partner with software companies that are focused on user experience, and in particular making it easy to use inventory functionality, as Uprise is.

Does Frames Data have any plans for new features?

We're continually adding features and benefits, particulary to our website. Look for big changes to come online over the next few months!

Frames DataWhat's your biggest tip for helping ECPs manage their frame inventory?

Knowledge is power, so take the bull by the horns and start accumulating intelligence about your practice as soon as possible. Explore your reports. Develop an ongoing habit of reviewing your sales to help you better determine what works and what doesn't.

After all, your business is... YOURS. Take charge of your profitability by taking charge of these reports.

What is one of the most important things to consider when choosing new software?

The frame dispensary is a big profit center in most optical practices. Your software should make it easy, but it also needs to be full featured. You need a balance between those things. How easy is it going to be to manage? Will you be spending all of your time managing software or helping patients pick out frames? Will you be able to easily access intelligence about your practice or will it require work? Software is a tool that's intended to make your work easier and help you manage your practice toward profitability, not be an obstacle to getting there. 

Check out our eBook about what else you should be asking when shopping around!

What changes do you expect to see in the optical industry in the next year?

As it relates to software and inventory, I think more people are looking for simpler, easier ways to do things. I also think that consumers are increasingly more savvy about their choices, and that ECPs will recognize tools like Frames Data Online as a way that they can offer a wider variety of frame selction without actually expanding their inventory.

Take a look inside the Uprise workflow and see if Uprise + Frames Data is right for you. 

Watch the Dr. to Dr. Demo


Editor's Note: This post was originally published on July 2014. It has been updated for relevance and richness of content on March 2020.

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