How Overlooking Optical Practice Efficiency is Hurting Your Business

Optical Practice EfficiencyWhen was the last time you evaluated your optical practice efficiency? Are you 100% certain that inefficiency isn't chipping away at your business and its full potential?

If you're not making sure that each task is being executed using the best method, and in the shortest amount of time, your practice is probably suffering!

Here are some common ways that manual or outdated processes impede upon optical practice efficiency:

  1. They keep your staff bogged down and create extra work
  2. They require extra time that your staff could be spending with patients
  3. They force your staff to multi-task more than is needed
  4. They create the opportunity for mistakes that could affect your cashflow and patient satisfaction (especially when filing claims or when ordering products for patients)

So think about it. Is your staff so busy that they seem hectic behind the front desk? If so, it's probably a good time to revisit your optical practice efficiency. We suggest starting by reviewing our "Knowing the Inefficiencies in Your Practice" questionaire with your staff.

Download the VisionWeb Questionnaire

You can also learn more about practice efficiency by reading 5 Questions Every Practice Should Ask Themselves.

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