Why Online Lab Ordering Should be a Part of Your Practice Strategy in 2017

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Thu, Feb 23, 2017 @ 14:02 PM

It's 2017, and the Internet is a powerful tool that helps businesses of all shapes and sizes perform daily business activities faster and more efficiently. Online applications have helped businesses spend less time on the phone, reduce data entry tasks, streamline communication between employees, and so much more. 

In your eyecare practice, it's no different. The Internet has become an important technology tool that provides your team with endless opportunities to be more productive every day. Online lab ordering is the easiest and most productive way for eyecare practices to place their optical product orders for spectacle lenses, contacts, and frames. Let's take a look at what makes online ordering such a great tool for your practice.

6 Ways Online Lab Ordering Will Make Your Practice More Productive

Nothing is Fasteronline lab ordering

Placing orders online is the fastest way to route orders to your labs. And, placing orders to multiple labs through one ordering portal is faster than visiting each individual lab's website. That's what makes VisionWeb's ordering solution the fastest option out there. On top of that, the tool itself has a lot of time-saving features built-in to make the process of placing and submitting orders quick and easy. You can save pending orders for later, re-use frequent orders, and auto-populate frame information with the Frames Data Assit tool. 

Orders are Less Error-Prone

The best online ordering solution is going to have error-checking features that don't allow users to place an order that doesn't make sense or can't be made. Each lab has access to managing their own online catalog so you'll only be able to place orders that they are capable of completing. With traditional phone or fax ordering it's much more common for a lab to have to stall your order to call you up and get clarification on an error in the order. 

No Phone Calls with Online Tracking

Not only will you be placing your orders online, but you'll also be able to log on and check order status of your jobs. This way, when a patient calls to check in on their new frames or lenses you can quickly look up online where their order is at without having to hang up with them to dial up someone at the lab to give you your status.

One Easy System for All Your Labs

We mentioned before that you might be visiting multiple lab sites to place your orders with different suppliers. While this is still more efficient than phone and fax, it's still time consuming and can come with a learning curve when getting used to each site's user interface for placing orders. VisionWeb is one portal that connects to over 400 labs to place your orders from. No hopping around to different websites - you can do it all in one location.

Practice Management Integrations

Better yet, our ordering portal can integrate with a variety of practice management systems that allow you to place orders without ever leaving your practice management system. Submitting orders straight from your practice management software is one more way to help reduce the data entry workload. 

Happier Patients

With online ordering being the quickest way to submit error-free orders to the labs, your patients will be happier that they are getting their products quicker and made to order without errors causing them to be sent back to the lab. Online orders are going to make it back to your practice 1-2 days faster than orders placed over the phone or fax. Modern ordering methods will make your patient's experience with your practice even better.

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