Are You Faxing Kidding Me?

Posted by Heather Smith on Tue, May 15, 2012 @ 08:05 AM

3903318Okay, it’s time to get real. We talk to practices all the time who say optical practice efficiency is important to them, but when we ask them how they order products; they tell us they use phone or fax. When we hear that, we can’t start touting the benefits of online ordering fast enough.

We feel like it’s our duty to show them the light and teach them the ways of efficient electronic ordering! But to be honest, what we really want to say is….

“Are you faxing
  kidding me?!”

It’s hard to believe that the fax machine even exists, especially since we can scan and email signed documents (the only reason we can imagine using a fax machine). But the fact that fax machines are being used to transmit orders between modern businesses in the year 2012? We can’t hold it in any longer, so we’re just going to say it. Faxing orders is faxed up!

Think of all the things that a practice sacrifices when they choose to fax an order rather than sending it online. Honestly, does a fax machine offer any of these features?  

They definitely don’t! But, VisionWeb’s optical ordering services do – and it’s FREE for eye care providers to use.

We love the eyecare industry, and we think today’s modern practices deserve the best technology available to make it easier to do business. That’s why we’re on a mission to tell outdated process to get the fax out of here!

What about you? Could you say goodbye to ordering via fax once and for all?

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