Optometrists in Florida Limited in Use of 'Physician' Title by Bill 230

Imagine dedicating 8 long years to earning your bachelor's degree and a doctorate in optometry, only to be told you can't use the title of "physician." It's a frustrating reality that over 6500 optometrists in Florida could be facing if the passage of Bill 230 goes into effect.

If signed into law, optometrists would be forced to go through extra steps in order to use their preferred title - including obtaining additional certifications from a state-approved licensing board.

Controversial Law Sparks Debate Over Optometrist Role in Healthcare

The debate over Bill 230 is not a new one. Supporters argue that optometrists are medical professionals and should be able to use titles such as "physician" to reflect their expertise. However, opponents of the bill believe that this is an unnecessary burden on optometrists who are already certified and highly trained in their field. This conflict has sparked controversy not only in Florida but across the country about the role of optometrists in healthcare. Reports of similar legislation in other states, such as Connecticut and Texas, have only added fuel to the fire.

Here's what the AOA had to say about the new bill in a recent article by Vision Monday covering the new bill.

“The American Optometric Association (AOA) will vigorously oppose any attempt to prevent Florida-licensed doctors of optometry from legally practicing at the highest levels allowed by state and federal law, including their ability to effectively communicate with their patients by introducing unnecessary confusion. The proposed legislation undermines the doctor-patient relationship that will, in turn, jeopardize patient outcomes."

What impact will this legislation have on the patients? Will it improve the quality of care they receive, or will it create unnecessary barriers to accessing eye care services? These are the questions we should be asking as we weigh the pros and cons of Bill 230. 

Drop a comment below we would like to hear your thoughts about Bill 230.

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