Enhancing Lab Ordering for Business Growth

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Nolan Rhyne is a certified optician through the American Board of Opticianry, an ABO Technical Level II speaker, and received an MBA from Northwest Missouri State University. Prior to joining VisionWeb, Nolan spent 14 years in various roles in the ophthalmic industry growing optical shops for independent practices, and national optical chains.


Discover the Benefits of VisionWeb's Lesser-Known Integrations

As a lab/practice owner or manager, you understand that scaling your business/practice can be challenging. One of the biggest hurdles you might face is managing and processing the influx of orders that come with increased business. Outdated manual ordering processes can be slow, error-prone, and costly, leading to customer/patient dissatisfaction.

With over 20,000 eye care practices in its user network, VisionWeb has enabled ECPs to submit their orders as efficiently as possible by being connected to over 475 optical labs and suppliers. While you might be familiar with the standard supplier integrations for online ordering, VisionWeb provides a variety of integrations which help make the eyecare industry more efficient across multiple optical sectors.


For ECPs:Integrated Retailers

Integrated Retailers: As ECPs scale, having your own central lab might begin to make financial sense. By connecting your lab to your practice management system through this VisionWeb integration, you’ll start to see increased productivity and efficiency within your practice.

Practice Management (PM) Interfaces: Visionweb is PM agnostic and connected to over 25 PMs. ECPs can eliminate duplicative data entry and streamline office workflows by integrating VisionWeb with their PMs, while taking advantage of the faster turnaround times that ordering online through VisionWeb.com allows.


For Suppliers:

Supplier Integrations: This common solution enables suppliers to save time and money by eliminating manual order entry through a direct connection to your lab management system. Additionally, custom-built catalogs and order validation provide an efficient and error-free way of managing your ordering processes.

Lab to Lab Integrations: This solution is ideal for labs that outsource work to other labs. By connecting your current lab management system to another lab, you can increase efficiency and streamline your ordering processes.

Portal Interfaces: The Portal Interface solution provides a seamless customer-facing ordering experience by utilizing VisionWeb behind the scenes. This approach reduces dual entry and streamlines workflows, ultimately improving your customers' experience.

Lab Service Portal: Even if you don't have a lab management system, you can still benefit from a VisionWeb integration. The Lab Service Portal integration keeps costs low by enabling labs to keep their current processes while receiving and managing VisionWeb orders through a portal.

Whether you’re an owner or manager at a lab or practice, integrating with one of VisionWeb’s ordering solutions is an excellent way to enhance your ordering processes, reduce cost, and increase efficiency as your business scales.

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