How to Establish Trust With Your Optometry Practice Staff

Establishing trust and credibility can go far when building the culture of your business. Eyecare practices are no exception to the importance of building a healthy dynamic in the workplace. Something as simple as following through on your word  can get the buy in from your staff. 

Creating a positive work environment and building a connection with your staff will help drive performance resulting in growth of revenue. Today let's discuss some insight from a recent Review of Optometric Business Article, "4 Ways I Established Trust With Staff to Build a $1 Million+ Practice."

How Building Trust With Your Staff Is Relevant To Your Eyecare Practice

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Investing into your staff
As mentioned, there is great value in establishing trust in your practice in order to help your staff continue to grow and expand their knowledge. Investing in your staff's training and education (such as workshops) will help them build confidence and empower their decision making. You will then feel more comfortable delegating tasks to your team, trusting they will be completed. In return, by delegating tasks to your team it will allow time back for you to focus on patient care. Also, make sure to discuss the longevity of their role and how you can help them achieve their short and long term goals. 
Honesty & Transparency 
Another helpful tip to build trust in your practice is to be honest and transparent with your staff. An example, of transparency can be used when coaching your opticians to ask customers if they would be interested in a second pair of glasses. Being honest with your staff and explain this is a great way to help drive sales and achieve revenue goals for your business. By including your staff in these business decisions and explaining the "why" behind your thought process, you make them feel included and provide them a sense of ownership. 

How do you know if your staff is working well together? Click Here to download our eBook, "Staff Management in Eyecare" to learn helpful tools in manage your optometry practice. 


Editor's Note: This blog was originally published June 2022 and Updated in March 2023.

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