OpticianWorks: A Complete Online Optical Dispensing Education Program


Ever heard of OpticianWorks? In case you haven't, OpticianWorks is a complete, online training program for all levels of eye care professionals created by John Seegers. His resourceful website helps individuals aspiring to be opticians as well as practices that need help with the new hire training blues. Seegers' passion for optical education comes from many years as an optical professional himself. He is a great thought leader in the eyecare industry and fulfills his need of passing on knowledge through OpticianWorks, by providing opticians and their practice eyecare product resources, including textbook and video lessons. Increase sales, get your office to work better as a team, and drive profit into your practice! 

What’s included in John Seegers’ complete online education program?

  • Lessons tailored to each ‘need-to-know’ optician category
  • Study and review time for each lesson
  • Online tests
  • Video Tutorials
  • Resources through outside website links
  • Independent study time for other materials
  • A visit to an optical lab and shop

To complete this online education program you would need to set aside about 96 hours and have the ability to apply yourself and study! This may seem like a lot of time and effort to some, but as Seeger mentions “if becoming an optician was quick and easy and anyone could do it then you would not earn a living by being one!” As mentioned before, you can also become a member of OpticianWorks and utilize these online lessons to brush-up on your optical dispensing skills!

OpticianWorks also offers consulting, concentrating in creating custom-designed technical writing products to support the various end customers in the optical industry, tailored to meet your individual needs. Consulting avenues vary, including staff progress reporting and individual product placement. John's diverse experience has given him the ability to develop easily-affordable packages that are just right for each individual case.

To give you a better idea of some of the resources OpticianWorks provides, here's a breif tutorial video that describes the concept of Axis:

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