Low-Cost Tactics to Increase Sales by 40%

Growing sales in your optical can be a challenge while maintaining your everyday operation. Some challenges may include a disconnect between opticians knowing your patients’ needs from a retail perspective or a lack of sales training. Getting your optician team members on the same page can help ease this process and increase over half your current revenue for little to no cost. 

That being said, let’s discuss 3 low-costs tips to help align your team’s sales tactics to grow your revenue and sales by knowing your targeted customers, training your employees, and building relationships with your existing customers.

Easy Tactics to Increase Your Sales by 40%

Targeting Your Customers


As previously discussed, knowing your patient's needs and your customer base can help bridge the gap for opticians to tailor their optical to a specific demographic. For example, using your PM system as a tool to gather patient data, you are able to determine most common generations such as baby boomers and target specific age groups. Once you're able to market your sales towards this demographic your sales will organically increase.  

Training Employees

Another easy low cost investment to help drive sales in your optical is training your opticians to have a consistent sales tactic across the board. Setting your expectations of each optician will help your office reach their sales goals by communicating your practice goals, creating an action plan, and educating your team on the importance of reaching their goals to help motivate consistency. 

Building Customer Relationships

Now that we've covered targeting your customers and training your employees, we can end with building relationships with your customers. Building a genuine relationship with your customer is an easy way to build rapport with your patients, creating long term business. Using your PM system, opticians can make notes while talking with patients to help them remember significate things about their conversations. This is a great way to follow up with patients and creating genuine conversation to make their visit as memorable and pleasant as possible. 

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