How to Treat Your Optical Practice Patients like People, Not Numbers

Having a full, back-to-back schedule every day is an eyecare practice's dream. When your schedule is that busy, it's easy to start going through the motions during each appointment. Just getting through each exam can have an effect on your patients that leaves them feeling like another number, or another paid bill instead of leaving them feeling like a valued patient.

Just about everyone has probably felt this experience in some office at one point or another. In healthcare especially, making a personal connection with your patients is important for building trust and a strong and loyal relationship. 

Building Strong Patient Relationships in Your Optical Practice

Personalized Thank You

One way to add a nice touch to show value to new patients in your optical practice is to send out personalized thank you notes. This is something that not many people do anymore, so it can have a lasting impact on your patients who receive these notes. It doesn't have to be anything too long, but a nice handwritten message can go a long way in building repeat visits to your eyecare practice. 

Reminders of Personal Notes

Another tip for maintaining personal relationships with your patients is to leave little reminders in a patient's file with notes about family member's names or big life events that you can make a point to ask about at their next appointment. This definitely adds a personal touch to a visit and helps your patients feel valued and memorable. 

Empower Your Patients with Tools

Most patients want to be as involved as they can in their own care. Providing your patients with a patient portal makes it much easier for them to stay on top of their healthcare. Instead of calling your practice for the latest information, they can log in online and see lab results, treatment instructions, follow up appointments, and general patient education. Empowering your patients with these resources will make them feel like they have everything they need to get the best and latest treatment from your practice.

Learn More about Your Patients' Visits

Follow up surveys can be a great way to get feedback from your patients to learn about what they liked and didn't like about their experience in your practice. This will help you tailor your workflow and customer service to help meet the needs and wants of your patient base, and your patients will be happy knowing that their feedback is appreciated. 

Another way to feel connected to your patients is to ask them what they want and meet them where they are. Download our free kit of patient surveys to learn new information about your patients.


Originally published in April 2016. Updated in June 2022.

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