Marketing for Optometrists: Marketing Kids Sunglasses

As independent practice owners it's your job to make sure that the business side of your practice is a well-oiled machine, and that you're making a  healthy profit. Part of maintaining a healthy business is keeping up with your marketing needs. That's why we asked our friends at The Optical Vision Site to share with us their summertime marketing for optometrists tips about best practices for marketing kids sunglasses in your dispensary!

Marketing for Optometrists Tips from The Optical Vision Site

Living at the beach, I am constantly surprised that parents lather up thier kids with sunscreen and hats, but no sunglasses! I asked a couple of parents why their kids weren't wearing sunwear for their eyes, and the #1 response is they forget about it. This presents an opportunity for eyecare professionals...remind the parents. Kids need sunglasses more than ever today for long term eye health. See one of our top posts: 13 Reasons Why Kids Should Wear Sunglasses.

I'm also going to say this, you cannot dispense this important eye-healthy, preventative eyecare for kids if you don't carry it. It will not sell through if you don't display appropriately and talk to each of your parent patients. These are great gift items for friends and family. There are so many options today for kids, between swim goggles, sports protective sunglasses, and of course fun and fancy frames for both boys and girls. Carry them, RX them, display them, and they will sell.

Rons Optical Style Style Flex YWL
Rons Optical
Style Style Flex YW


Rons Optical Style Jasmin

Rons Optical Style Jasmin



Rons Optical Style Hunter Rons Optical Style Hunter



Hilco protective Sports Sunglasses

Protective swim goggles should be displayed in a group. You might make a bullet point sheet on the effect of chlorine on a child's eyes. Display with snorkels, beach towels, beach toys. Make it cool. Stock the product, they will never go out of style, like eye health, it's forever.

Liberty Sports Shark Liberty Sports Shark


Swimming Goggles Swimming Goggles by Hilco Leader


Diving Mask By Hilco Diving Mask By Hilco

Promote all of these displays and sun protection options via Facebook and Twitter. Have your patients show off their kids with sunglasses as a contest. Remember, there are over 74 million kids in the USA under the age of 18!

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