How to Fake Your Way Through a Conversation about Cloud-Based EHR


Everyone has had the uncomfortable experience of being part of a conversation discussing an unfamiliar topic. You have three choices: First, you could admit defeat and confess you have no idea what the conversation is about. Your second option is to excuse yourself and quickly read the Wikipedia article on your smartphone, desperately hoping you can retain some information and not revert back to option one. Or, your third choice is to fake it until you make it. We are addressing option three, specifically in regards to cloud-based EHR.

So, naturally, we were thrilled when we came across this infographic that jokes through how to talk about the cloud without much knowledge on the topic. You should check it out! Here are a few of our favorite tips from the infographic.

How to Fake Your Way Through a Conversation About Cloud-Based EHR

Rule 1: Listen         

Especially if you are unfamiliar with the topic, listen carefully to what your acquaintance is saying. That information could be a valuable asset to you when trying to participate later on. For example, they might say, “Isn’t it nice that the cloud allows us to access data from anywhere? It truly is amazing how far technology has come.” You now know that this conversation is heading into uncharted territory for you, and the cloud allows you to access data from anywhere.   


Rule 2: Ask Questions to Keep Them Talking

The more questions you ask, the more information you will gather, and slowly your expertise will grow from the conversation. For instance, when they say, “I’ve been thinking about updating my EHR software but I don’t know whether I should get a cloud-based EHR or a cloud-hosted EHR,” you must facilitate a way to gather more information. Ask them to give you their personal pros and cons list for their decision processes. This should give you some insight into the differences between the two. They might respond with, “I like how cloud-based software is entirely online, but I also feel more comfortable having the software on my computer.”

Rule 3: Keep These Phrases Ready       

“I really like the idea of Software as a Service, because I don’t want to pay for space and services I don’t use.” Software as a Service is a term used to describe cloud-based software that is purchased as a subscription. These services are considered highly scalable because you can easily add/remove space as necessary.

“Client-server software is just so bulky. Using cloud-based software gets rid of all the clutter in your office.” Client-server software requires that you have your own servers running somewhere in your office. Why not clean up and go as paperless as possible? Especially if you are looking to participate in The Meaningful Use Program.

“Wouldn’t it be cool to have the ability to access your system from home without needing to install any new software?” With cloud computing, you can access your software from anywhere that has a reliable Internet connection. You are never limited to just your office.

So there you have it: everything you need to know to fake your way through a conversation about cloud-based EHR. Remember to listen, ask questions, and be ready to fake it until you make it as a cloud computing genius.

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