5 Embedded Tools You'll Want Your Next EHR Software to Have

Technology is meant to make jobs in your eyecare practice easier. But sometimes it can get overwhelming switching in between different software solutions, logging in and out, waiting for the system to open, and understanding how to use many different interfaces. In this instance, technology might not really be helping your daily workflow as much as you'd want it to.

That's why when you're shopping for your next practice management and EHR solution you should look for an all-in-one system that comes packed with as many extra tools as possible so you can take care of all your tasks from since just one solution, instead of balancing between five or more different tools.

Why You Need Embedded Solutions in Your Next EHR Software

Patient Recall

Keeping a schedule full every day can be a challenge for many
eyecare practices. Patient recall is anEHR system embedded tools efficient and affordable way to help bring more patients back into your office. Whether it's through active patient appointment reminders, or recalls to bring in inactive patients, a recall system can help take the manual work off your staff all while communicating with your patients through email and text.

Better yet, recall that's built in with your EHR software will automatically generate reminders and recalls based on your own customized settings. On top of automating these messages, a good tool is going to help you with web scheduling, generating patient feedback from surveys, and managing your web reputation with patient reviews.

Patient Education

Patient education and engagement has grown to become an important piece of the patient experience. Having an EHR system that comes loaded with a library of patient education materials makes it easier to share information with patients in the exam room. When patient education is built into the system, it will automatically pull the right material for the patient based on the diagnosis made in the software. This way you can share the info in real-time with the patient, or send it home with them through their patient portal.

Code Verification

Coding accuracy is oftentimes a challenge for many offices. Coding errors end up causing more work for the biller in your practice and can directly affect your bottomline if claims are being rejected or denied. An EHR software that has a code verification tool helps ensure that your codes are accurate and compliant.

A built-in tool should help you avoid rejections by alerting you on anything that requires attention before submitting a claim to the payer, such as invalid CPT code combos for services performed the same day or diagnosis conflicts. Accurate coding practices go a long way when it comes to your revenue from insurance reimbursements.


When compared to paper-based prescribing methods, ePrescribing is a safer and more efficient way to manage your patients' medications. And, an electronic prescribing solution that's embedded into your EHR takes information recorded in the EHR, like allergies, and syncs that data with the ePrescribing tool so you get instant notifications when you prescribe meds that your patient is allergic to. 

You'll also have quick access to your patients' medication history, medication education, and the Physicians' Desk Reference library to get information on prescription drugs.

Frame Catalogs

A connection with the Frames Data database will automatically update your system daily with frame information, reducing manual data entry needs for frame catalog management. With the Frames Data connection you'll be able to view over 40,000 frame listings and get up-to-date info such as measurements and wholesale pricing - all without leaving your software system. You'll also be able to search for products that aren't currently in your inventory, show images of frames to customers, and see trending reports on popular frames. 

If you're looking for an all-in-one solution for your eyecare practice, check out Uprise.

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