Case Study: Outsourced Billing Support And Enhanced EHR Functionality Help Dr. Barker Thrive

Dr. Barker and her husband, J. Michael Assell, OD, opened Advanced Family Eye Care in Denver, North Carolina in 2004. Today, they employ five doctors and a staff of 30. The practice is split into two buildings; the main practice and a vision therapy clinic. With a large practice comes large responsibility, which meant Dr. Barker needed an efficient and streamlined process to keep both of her buildings running smoothly. 

To Dr. Barker, improving efficiencies for her employees heightens the patient care experience. She knew what she wanted: software that was truly cloud-based, a billing cycle with a faster turnaround on payment, and a system that would allow them to control their aging accounts receivable. In Dr. Barker's case study, she discusses how she achieved this and more. Here's an excerpt:

How Dr. Barker Took Her Practice in the Right Direction

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Tracking The Data

Dr. Barker is very numbers-oriented. Before she migrated to RCM and Uprise EHR and PM, she was monitoring everything across many different tools. Due to this, Dr. Barker approached the choice analytically. She states, “I looked at many different platforms,” she says. “This combination of VisionWeb for ordering and revenue cycle management (RCM) coupled with Uprise EHR and PM was taking me in the right direction.” This was important to her because it allowed her to be proactive instead of reactive.

Expertise When You Need It

One of the primary decision-making factors for Dr. Barker was the new billing structure. She states, “the piece that I was most intrigued by was the hope that I could have an off-site highly educated team of billers that could offer a second set of eyes on claims as they’re being submitted,” she says. “That would improve the time that claims sit in the office.” She points out that if an in-house billing coordinator is out, the practice cannot send out claims for a day or more. She also notes the challenges of training a staff member for that position, making it difficult to have multiple billing coordinators in-house. This is where VisionWeb’s RCM team made its grand entrance.

Connectivity From Afar

From the get-go, it was key for Dr. Barker to find a program that was truly cloud-based and works alongside the credit card vendor and CLX contact lens ordering system. “That decision of moving to Uprise helped us survive and, in some ways, thrive during COVID-19,” she says. “I had many [staff members] operational off-site during COVID-19, and that’s what I wanted to get to. That has been worth making the change.”

Read Dr. Barker's full story here:

Dr. Barker Case Study

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