Electronic Claim Filing Analytics Your Eyecare Practice Can't Ignore

You’ve heard the phrase “knowledge is power,” right? When it comes to managing insurance billing; knowledge is money! Efficient practices are on top of their claims, and are progressing with an effective system to manage electronic claim filing.

Sound daunting? It’s not for a practice that has all of their claim filing consolidated in one location, with built-in reporting. Clearinghouses are equipped with extremely detailed reporting and analytics features that let you stay on top of your claims through every step of the process. For example, VisionWeb’s electronic claim filing service provides efficient claim filing for eyecare practices by giving you the ability to:

  • Compare accepted VS. rejected claims by payer or clearinghouse
  • View your top payers by rejected claim amount
  • Track claim submission with a timeline
  • Quickly access and search patient, payer, and real-time information
  • Analyze your top ten rejection reasons

You will know within hours if your claims have been accepted for processing, sent from the clearinghouse to the payer, or if there is an error in the claim. That means you can react quickly if a claim needs attention.

Pinpoint Your Analytics

With online reports and analytics, you are able to gather the information needed to assess your current claim filing success rates. Reports can be drawn from specific date ranges, filtered by Tax ID or Site ID, exported reports to excel, or you can enter any number of restrictive criteria. With this information, your practice is able to pinpoint the problem and fix it in order to start getting money back on those claims! Like we said, "knowledge is money!"

Want a summary of the status of your claims to see where you are getting rejected or accepted? Pull a "Claim Status Summary" for any date range!


Or how about knowing the top ten reasons your claims are being rejected? Just pull a quick report and get your answers!

Claim Filing Rejection

The bottom line is that if for one reason or another, you feel like you are only filing claims online because you have to, then you are really missing out (and probably making some mistakes that you aren’t aware of)! It’s not just about meeting a payer’s demands anymore. The shift to online claim processing services has ushered in a new set of tools promoting claim filing efficiency that have real benefits for a practice; you just have to embrace them!



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