What Do You Want From Your Optometric Practice Management Software?

Recently, I bought a new wall mount for my sweet flat screen TV. I couldn’t wait to get it home and mount the TV on the wall. I thought the mount would be big enough to center in the room, but it turns out it was too small and wasn’t sturdy enough to allow me to move the TV in the position that I wanted.

Optometric Practice Management

I thought that TV mounts were pretty universal and that I just needed the standard version. Turns out, I needed one that could hold a certain weight, be flexible, and be big enough for the specific TV that I have.

Have you ever purchased something because you thought it would do everything you need, only to get the item home and realize that it’s missing some critical aspect that you really needed? If so, you know that it’s frustrating. Fortunately, this usually happens with something like a TV mount and all you have to do is zip back to the local electronics store and return it.

But what do you do when it happens with something more important like your optometric practice management and EHR software? After all that hard work you put into setting it up and learning how to use it, it would be a drag to find out that it isn’t the right one for you! Knowing exactly what you want out of your software could end up saving you a headache in the long run, so we’ve compiled a short list of universal must haves when looking for the perfect software!

Look out for these features when getting an optometric practice management and EHR software:   

Optometric Practice Management

  1. Quicker Data Entry – Having to click a million times just to get through a single optical  exam  can be highly frustrating. When shopping for software, it’s always a good idea to request a demo of a comprehensive exam to get a feel for the data entry process.
  1. Easier Exam Documentation – Don’t get hung up on older, complicated systems. There are a bunch of modern choices out there that make exam documentation fast and painless. Some of them are even designed to provide chair side coding compliance so that you don’t get alerts after the patient leaves.
  1. Compliance with Meaningful Use – If you plan on participating in the Meaningful Use Incentive Program in 2014, then you should also plan on finding a system that meets their requirements. After all, systems that meet the 2011 requirements will end up being obsolete for next year’s strict requirements.
  1. Improved EHR Integration – As an OD, you use a bunch of different types of instruments to take measurements of the eye. You know that it’s imperative that the information you take is recorded correctly. Finding a system that imports the data seamlessly into your EHR would eliminate data entry error and reduce your number of clicks.
  1. Better Reporting – Do you suffer from strained eyes when trying to read messy charts and graphs? It’s incredible how much a clean and organized reporting system can help you better identify abnormalities in patients.practice management software
  1. Stress-free Claim Filing – So you’ve stepped up your game by throwing away traditional paper records and making the move to online claim filing. But one question still stands – are you submitting claims through multiple sites? If so, try finding software that includes claim filing so that it’s all in one location. Another perk to look for are error-checking features to ensure that your claims codes are accurate the first time around.
  1. Helpful Management Tools – Your staff will love you when you bring home a practice management system that thinks about all the little things when running an office. Finding software that includes a scheduler, inventory manager, and ordering and quoting tools will contribute to a smoothly run office. Throw in automated patient recall features and you’ve got yourself a deal!
  1. A Patient Portal – Your patients are the reason you entered this profession. So isn’t it important to keep up a positive relationship with them? Providing a patient portal for them to fill out questionnaires, gain access educational materials, and find follow-up instructions will leave them feeling secure and cared for.

Looking for an optometric practice management and EHR software that has all of these features will undoubtedly make running your practice smooth and stress-free! Be sure to check out our newest eBook for more must-haves!  

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